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JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 07/04/2024

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Captain’s war: always on deck in good times and bad.

In everyday life, there are good times and bad times, business is no exception.

In almost 6 years of existence, I have been affected by Covid, inflation and slander.

Covid has allowed me better daily organization and a better balance between professional and personal lives.

The inflation of offering an even more scalable and varied range of games, to adapt even better to you who have been with me since the beginning or joined me along the way.

And the backbiting armored me as a trader from a large family of Vaisonnais traders had advised me. Thank you :)

I am still very lucky to have this ability to know how to absorb everything that is negative in order to ultimately be able to draw something positive from it. And that’s a real chance!

I am not and will never be stopped by the bad elements that confront me, quite the contrary; they are all the more important drivers of evolution and readjustment.

In almost 6 years of existence, I have been delighted to develop an entertainment offering that suits you, to offer you special games and to grow and expand the store.

The lively moments that I share with you all delight me as much as each other, because you are all unique and that’s great. Thank you for these moments. ;)

The classics and well-known games are excellent, but I like to introduce you to lesser-known fun nuggets, thank you for trusting me and playing the game. ;)

Since June 2018, I have evolved a lot and made the store evolve. I am proud of what I offer you on a daily basis, even if I must admit that I sacrifice myself to test games... I do it with pleasure as a curious serial gamer and even more for you, to be able to present them to you or make them play ;)

I have always been on deck to bring my modest chest of playful treasures and I will continue to be there through thick and thin by holding the helm firmly!

My primary goal is and will always remain: to share with you my passion for board games.

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 31/03/2024

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Costa Ruana: put your pawns in place and readjust your plans.

At the heart of an independent boutique, there are moments simpler than others.

I like to have strategies to develop the store and sustain partnerships that contribute to the development of the gaming world in Vaison and its surroundings.

It is more important to me to develop the gaming world on my modest scale of a small shop, than to obtain any personal merits.

I only compete with myself, and no one else, to make whatever contribution I think makes sense to the gaming world.

For me, a board game is a unique moment that we share with people we like. It is much more than a simple box, simple pawns, simple dice or simple cards.

When you enjoy playing board games and you think back to a game you played, you remember the people you played with, the emotions you felt or made people feel while playing, and a unique moment suspended in time.

Putting boxes on a table, not for me... My players know very well that if I put a game on a table, it's to open it and play with them...

And then there are other moments, less simple, where you have to know how to play against an unfavorable hand...

Being taken for what you are not in playing the werewolf of Thiercellieux, for example, is nice, it can help you win a game...

Being taken for what you are not in real life, "by competition" for example, is less pleasant, and it doesn't serve much purpose except to show your double game to the eyes of all…

In real life, as in games, knowing how to win is good, but learning when you lose is even better...

In real life I play fair and I can look at myself in the mirror without flinching and sleep with a clear conscience.

 In a werewolf I would be the witch who, in the shadows and in silence, can end or continue a game.

In both cases, I wouldn't play the part where the dice are loaded and we don't play the game!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 24/03/2024

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Trial of the temples: building your store stone by stone.

As we build a building with time and experience, I am moving the store forward stone by stone.

There are stones that hold in place and then others that we must abandon along the way to make the most judicious choices and allow our temple to stand.

A broken or poorly balanced stone does not provide lasting balance when you want to build over time.

We then put strategies in place and make sure to place the right elements in them to progress gradually.

Sometimes we lose a little along the way, but we realize that what we lost brings us something even better.

When an investment strategy does not work, we must start from this experience to try a more constructive strategy.

I am very happy to have developed certain partnerships, even if they stopped, they were very enriching.

So, thank you to these game libraries, associations, structures or individuals who helped me understand where I was making a mistake.

From my mistakes, I learn and progress with more wisdom than before.

Thank you for showing me another point of view and allowing me to develop the store and the activities on a solid base.

All these people who have contributed and have been contributing for years now to enrich my playful temple will recognize themselves.

I am very happy to share these daily challenges with you and I will continue to change my strategy if it is not in line with what I intend to bring as a modest playful contribution on my part.

Thank you to everyone who makes my ludical temple a place of sharing, passion and of course games. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 17/03/2024

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Kingdom of sand: playful shifting sands

The playful world is always on the move despite the challenges encountered along the way…

In this kingdom where there are many fun nuggets, there is bound to be a game so that you can have a good time with family or friends...

The world of board games has been evolving for several years towards original and always innovative forms.

Whether you are looking for more of a moment of relaxation or a game with complex mechanics to build your strategy, you will find this at the heart of board games.

I like to play quite quietly like with games like Splendor, Butine or Hive.

But I also like to play in a more advanced way like with games like Roll for the Galaxy, Terra Formas or Packet Row.

I like to play quick or longer games depending on the time I have and what I feel like at the moment.

I am very happy to be able to share this passion with you and your loved ones!

I will continue on my small scale as an independent store to bring you closer to the playful world with passion and enthusiasm.

Because once you start playing, you get a taste for it and you want more ;)

Thank you for contributing, thanks to the diversity of your tastes for games, to the development of ever more choices within the gaming world.

The gaming world is moving forward thanks to us, to you and all the players who offer us their games, distribute them and make them known!

Thank you to the playful world for always providing us with more surprises and discoveries, keep it up, we love it. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 10/03/2024

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Eye of Itzamna: at the heart of the temple in the game.

Let's take a look at the fascinating world of board games.

At the heart of the game temple, we discover fascinating treasures!

The world of board games is constantly evolving, which allows the different players in the game to offer diverse and varied fun adventures...

Fun nuggets that allow you to get together around a table and spend a unique moment of complicity together.

Always curious and on the lookout, I like to discover new things so that I can introduce them to you in turn.

Sometimes you have to go on a fun adventure to find wonders that sometimes go unnoticed as the range of board games is so enormous these days.

Between 1000 and 1500 games are now released per year, and that's not even for toys, but only board games!

We cannot humanly know everything, but it is a daily quest to find what you like the most among this diversity to offer them to you in store.

And among all this we have to make choices, not always easy, but always oriented towards an original playful proposition that stands out from what is done everywhere.

I like to offer you original choices and you embark on the daily quests of the fun adventure of the world of board games ;)

More and more of you are trying the fun adventure alongside me, so I intend to continue to offer you original choices that are all as unique as you too are ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 03/03/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

The magic of board games.

Entering the immersive world of board games is rediscovering the simple joys of gathering around a table.

From the laughter that erupts during a round of bluffing, the friendly competition that fuels strategic battles, or the suspenseful anticipation of a surprising twist, they foster a sense of togetherness and lasting memories.

Board games have evolved considerably over time.

 They can emphasize strategy and resource management or encourage collaboration and teamwork.

With such a wide range of choices, there's a board game for everyone, making it an inclusive and accessible form of entertainment.

 Physically manipulating playing pieces, rolling dice and shuffling cards engages our senses and stimulates cognitive functions.

Board games offer face-to-face interaction, eye contact, and the ability to read facial expressions and body language.

These social elements help improve communication skills, empathy and the development of emotional intelligence.

Beyond their entertainment value, many games promote critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning.

Players must analyze complex situations, make decisions and adapt to changing circumstances.

Additionally, games often incorporate themed elements that introduce players to historical events, scientific concepts, or cultural phenomena, making learning an engaging and immersive experience.

Online platforms provide virtual gaming experiences, connecting individuals from different parts of the world.

Board game conventions and get-togethers create spaces where enthusiasts can share their love for the hobby, discover new games, and forge friendships.

Digital integration, companion apps, and augmented reality have expanded gameplay possibilities, enhancing immersion without losing the charm of physical components.

Additionally, crowdfunding platforms have allowed independent designers to bring their creative visions to life, driving a wave of unique and unconventional games that push the boundaries of what a board game can be.

Board games provide respite, reminding us of the joy of human connection and the thrill of shared experiences.

 They bridge the generation gap, promote social interaction, and provide a tangible and immersive entertainment option.

So gather your friends, and let the magic of board games transport you to a world of fun, laughter and unforgettable memories.

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 25/02/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

June 2023 and 5 years with you.

Again this year, many of you participated in the various events that I proposed during the outdoor activities!

A little more shy with the game offered in store, thank you to those who tried their luck and left with their souvenir photo and their surprise. ;)

You made some nice and beautiful reds and greens… ;)

We will meet during the year for various and varied games, life-size or normal. :)

From the moment you want to continue following the fun adventure by my side, I will always be there to advise you and discuss board games with you.

I like to make you discover games as much as to discover them thanks to you. This exchange between us is very enriching and I am happy that we can have them on a daily basis.

Whether for services or games, you are always welcome for good conversations around games or in general.

From first to fifth year, I am grateful to have been able to share around board games with you.

I will always be satisfied with these moments and discussions around the games that we have on a daily basis.

Every day, I remember your smiles, our exchanges, your curiosity, our sharing. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 18/02/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

December 2022, the rise of board games.

Once the crisis passed, the boom for board games experienced a new craze.

A need to meet and share together to help recreate the links among the communities of players.

Gaming associations, town halls, leisure and reception centres, or quite simply individuals and gaming enthusiasts have relaunched the gaming world.

By your desire to get together for a good time shared and your mood, the playful world was able to find its superb!

The Christmas and outdoor activities allowed us to play together again in complete freedom and to let the creativity of each of us express itself...

Many of you have followed the Christmas games on the site as well as the stories related to the Tales and Legends theme.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting with great animation teams like Lia Team and Team Fada!

Crazy teams, moments of delirium and unforgettable moments for the public as for us! ;)

I am very happy to find my different players all year round in animation, on the times that I propose but also at the end of the year with these brilliant teams. :)

The end of 2022 brought many new projects, in the Vaucluse in particular with the creation of new gaming associations!

I am very happy to see that in 5 years, the gaming world has evolved and that its different actors have not finished surprising us!

That's good, I'm like you, I like novelty! ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 11/02/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

June 2022: 4 years store.

I had the pleasure in June 2022 to share a privileged moment with all of you during the game activities and during the store's anniversary on Saturday June 25, 2022.

I didn't even stammer too much during the speech in store and yet it's not my forte...^^

And as always my guests were there and ready to play and have a good time together.

After looking for the key game with One Key, practicing different challenges with Olémains, for some you even played werewolf at 45!

I will repeat myself, but I love your enthusiasm and your unfailing enthusiasm when it comes to discovering the personalized animations that I am preparing for you.

I like to design unique game times, because I love to offer you a unique experience like you...

Animating with you is for me really playing the game of the playful world.

When I think that five years ago, I struggled to offer game animations, because no one knew what it consisted of.

And then, I had partners who trusted me like Mac Donald of Saint Romain in Viennois or town halls.

Then finally, I am now delighted to be able to say that my outdoor activities are complete and booked in advance. :)

This 4th year allowed me to start a very positive turn for the animations and for the sales in store or online.

I'm so happy that you continue to be present on a daily basis that I always have new ideas that come to me to share even more original times with you. ;)

I am satisfied to have held on despite the covid and to continue to love sharing with you my passion for board games. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 04/02/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

December 2021: the comeback of entertainment!

From 2021, I was able to resume the animations with you and I was very happy about it.

Always on the lookout for new things to offer you to spend good fun times with you, I love to offer you unique and original times during the entertainment.

 Whether it's with my animations, the coeur ludique or the fada team, I was very happy to find you in animations.

Giving time to those who appreciate it and allowing me to share unforgettable moments with them is priceless.

 And when you can also animate with teams as fantastic as the Fada team or the playful heart, it's just the icing on the playful cake!

Return also orders from town hall and associations or even for schools show that you trust me and that makes me very happy.

 I love every opportunity to develop the playful world on my small scale and share it with you, it's magic.

 Every moment with you is unique and priceless.

 They are just as beneficial to me as they are to you!

Thank you for all these good times and see you soon in animation. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 28/01/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

June 2021: 3 years of the store!

In June 2021, we were starting to see things a little clearer after the crisis.

We could manage to pick up things where they had slowed down a bit in 2020.

I held the helm of the boat as best I could among the swells of this period and never let go!

Because this project of bringing you a bit of the playful world to Vaison and its surroundings, I still believed in it and always despite this troubled period...

It hasn't always been easy and I know that sisters and colleagues have unfortunately remained on the floor, and I'm sorry for them.

To have held on and still be there thanks to and with you is the best thing I can hope for the store.

I was very proud to have been nominated in 4 categories for the Women's Success Trophy on March 8, 2021!

Nominated in the benevolence, digital, originality and agility categories; I won the latter for my adaptation and my flexibility during the crisis.

I received special congratulations from the jury for being nominated in so many categories.

What I retain from this trophy is my adaptability to offer you my vision of the playful world.

I would always make sure to share the playful world with you at my modest independent boutique scale.

Because this playful world that we share together is always full of surprises!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 21/01/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

December 2020, a special Christmas.

2020 has really been a particularly strange year because of the covid and Christmas was no exception...

All the barrier gestures that forced me to stop outdoor activities and in the store, that's what I missed the most during this time...

 Because having shared playing time with you since June 2018, and not being able to do it anymore was frustrating.

I had to adapt to the situation, like many sisters and brothers in the gaming world or not.

We had to find ways to continue to spread the gaming world and I made sure to have supported the medical staff in my own way.

 The people concerned will recognize themselves and I thank them again for everything they have done in this stressful daily life and what they continue to do on a daily basis for all of us!

So we had a special Christmas, but you were there as always when it comes to the store and online games!

 So thank you for your enthusiasm for the playful world, and my store by the way. ;)

 And then from 2021, when it was possible, we made up for it!

We haven't resumed a good rhythm of playful moments all together, so let's not stop there! ;)

 Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 14/01/2024

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Mars 2020, the covid…

Just out of the Cannes International Games Festival in 2020, I did not imagine (like many other traders) the impact that Covid-19 would have on my business...

Barely a month after a completely normal game festival, we are forced to close our stores, because they are not essential...

We did not know then what this thing was and the impact it would have on health mainly and then on the health of our businesses.

Closed to customers but open for withdrawal in front of the store, I made a very risky choice at this time hoping to find you there!

I have chosen to stop deliveries and only rely on Click and Collect so as not to risk the health of my deliverers to begin with, nor that of my remote customers.

And you did something just awesome for the store: you stuck with the store and quickly showed your support via Click and Collect!

Thank you for your enthusiasm for the world of board games despite these uncertain times.

And above all, thank you for trusting me and for continuing to trust me on a daily basis!

I have a thought for the female and male colleagues who have been forced to close their shops, as well as all the businesses affected.

A positive thing resulting from this crisis, is a better daily organization of my work and a better balance between professional and personal lives.

Because even if some will not understand that I give opening hours to also have a personal life, you are a large majority to understand that this balance is necessary in our lives.

And yes, I often opened longer and rendered services before that to "troubleshoot"... But when the troubleshooting does not allow you to do anything other than work, you have to say stop.

If this upsets some, then on good terms, so be it...

My customers and loyal players know that this does not impact my involvement with them on a daily basis.

Because if I can't balance my personal time equally with my professional time then I won't be able to share my passion for board games with you in the best possible way!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 07/01/2024

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

December 2019, a Christmas under good omens!

Christmas is a special time of the year!

 Much more than the exchange of gifts and meals with our loved ones, Christmas is a time to take the time to find each other.

It is clear that when you want to return to board games, good advice is essential so as not to have games that will remain in a closet.

Board games help many of us take a moment of relaxation with loved ones!

Because board games can bring us closer and allow us to share much more than a game around a game...

In close collaboration with toy libraries, town halls and associations, I modestly bring my small stone to the building of the playful world.

Participating in different events, I like to bring my personal touch of serial gamer. ;)

None of the game times that I offer are alike, simply because you too are unique!

Just as I particularly appreciate the manual animations and Enchanted Christmas games that I offer to children every year at this time of year.

This is an opportunity in an ever-changing world, to offer them a fun moment of respite!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 31/12/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

June 2019, one year with you!

During the one year of the store, I was delighted to see my fifty guests on different playing times and to be able to offer them games such as Shabadabada or Contrario.

Each team was keen to win and above all to have fun together.

I always have at heart to share with you and to share playful moments with you.

Because the playful world is full of moments shared around various and varied games.

Tonight my clients are going to play games of atmosphere, strategy, resources, etc...

No matter your style of play, the times spent together are the ones we always remember.

I remember my first game night where I was quite impressed, because 35 players anyway…^^

The last time I had been MDJ for 35 people (game master), it was with my animation colleagues and we had a good evening!

Because yes the animators can be very playful…^^ It is certainly from the animation that I drew part of my enthusiasm in addition to my experience. ;)

For me, these are those moments of animation that I still share with my animation colleagues, during playtime with you and with my friends that I cherish.

I know for many of my clients who you will spend the evening with whether it is tonight or with colleagues and friends throughout the year and what types of games you will be playing. :)

So I wish you tonight to enjoy all these unique moments with your loved ones (around a game or not;))

Happy New Year's Eve, have a nice day and have a good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 24/12/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

 December 2018, the store's first Christmas.

During the first Christmas of the store, I was touched by your enthusiasm for board games.

Many of you then trusted me with your surprises, association purchases, town halls and schools.

The growth of the store and the fun world in and around Vaison started with you and continues with you!

From its first Christmas, the store has counted many little players during, according to you, "attractive children's activities" and always free during Enchanted Christmas!

 From the first Christmas of the store and still now, you have given me your trust for your games and animations in your structures.

Seeing the playful world being discovered or rediscovered is my best reward.

 I like to believe that board games can become or become again an always interesting and entertaining passion.

When I was told five and a half years ago that board games would not work in Vaison and its surroundings, I did well to believe in my project and carry it out despite everything.

Because even now, there are always more and more of you at the playful rendezvous!

And other shops, toy libraries and game associations have emerged in half a decade, so it's very pleasant for me to see that my project was far from being a bad idea. ;)

Thank you for this 6th Christmas with you and among you!

Happy Christmas’ Eve, Happy New Year's Eve and always a good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 17/12/2023

Hello everyone !

 Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

 June 25, 2018: The heart of the matter.

When we bought the building containing the store premises, I already knew that I was going to create a business in it.

 So I observed what was missing among the diverse and varied range of our businesses in Vaison and compared with my passions to create the store.

 I have always had the ambition to develop the world of games in Vaison and its surroundings.

When I opened the store five and a half years ago, there wasn't much on offer for local gamers.

With the doubts of knowing if you would be at the playful rendezvous, I still decided to go for it and see what it would give...

Looking back, if I had to do it again, I would do things the same way, because my successes have taught me, but my failures have allowed me to grow and improve the store.

We learn a lot from failures than from successes, because we learn to define ourselves outside our comfort zone.

Getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes scary, but it is also stimulating and always rewarding.

In five and a half years, I have enjoyed and I still enjoy seeing the playful world evolve and develop in our beautiful region.

Thank you again to all my customers from here and elsewhere for your enthusiasm and our sharing within the store and outside.

 Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 10/12/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

August 2017: retraining, training, creation!

After being an animator for years, I wanted to move into another career path.

 When we acquired the local store, the idea to germinate in my mind, to create a board game store.

 At this time, Vaison sadly saw a symbol disappear, the paradise of babies...

 Fan of board games since my youngest age, I wanted to share with you my passion for games.

So I took a year to train myself in business management to prepare for the opening of the store in the most serene way possible.

To create the site, even if I was good at coding, I took courses to improve myself and be able to customize the site as much as possible.

And then come the stages of creation where you mature your project with encouragement on the one hand and non-constructive criticism on the other...

I then started from the negative to develop the positive.

Because the negative can help you become more sure of your project.

How ?

 As far as I am concerned, by being even more vigilant than if I had only had constructive criticism.

Because if our project will always bother some people (and yes, there are always dissatisfied people), it will delight a large number of people.

 So, believe in your projects, give yourself the tools to be able to achieve them and never stop progressing. ;)

And for entertainment, I already had many years of experience behind me and an adaptability to my entertainment groups that allow me to personalize the play times that we share together as much as possible.

I intend to remain a force of proposal to offer you unique moments, passionate conversations around board games.

Sharing my passion for board games with all of you will always be my best motivation!

 So thank you! ;)

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 03/12/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

The games that forge us and accompany us.

Board games have always accompanied me since I was young.

Starting with the battle, going through the werewolf and continuing with Patchistory, among many others; I find it a source of fun and discovery.

They allowed me to escape from everyday life and to get to know myself and you.

Because behind a board game, it is above all a shared and unique moment.

A board game is not just an object!

A board game is moments, conversations, laughter, giggles, etc...

Who doesn't remember memorable parties around a board game all together?

And then, from the store, the games allow me to share good conversations and good times with you!

My favorite moment of all would be when I started playing!

My first battle with my grandma around 3 years old.

 And you, what would be your favorite moment around a board game?

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 26/11/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Cluedo, Mysteries of Peking: developing a logical mind.

I love when an air of mystery and reflection surrounds me…

That's what's great about investigation games or role-playing games!

We can integrate an atmosphere to make the game even more addictive.

A werewolf with good background music and a good playmaker is great!

I really like to incorporate an air of mystery into all my werewolf games, for example.

My players appreciate it and ask for more and I love being able to offer them the game this way!

For logic and investigation games like Cluedo or

The mysteries of Peking, we begin to look for some leads and, by deduction, solve investigations by following clues.

The competitive side with other players is quite stimulating. You learn to have to think faster and more efficiently than others if you want to hope to win.

We develop a logical mind that then makes us want to test much more complex games.

We start with simpler games, then we move on to more complicated games, to end up with expert games.

And then developing a logical mind is always useful in everyday life!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 19/11/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Puzzle: my insoluble disinterest.

I like a wide variety of board games, but I have to admit that puzzles are the exception that proves the rule for me.

A game logic that is completely beyond me, whereas, according to friends, they are much less complicated than the expert games we play together...

I have no idea why I can't grasp the logic of the puzzles, but it won't.

After all, we can't love everything and be interested in everything around us.

You could easily beat me at rubik's kub for example.

The only time I managed to make it complete as a child was because I had peeled off the labels and reattached them in the correct order afterwards… ^^

We agree that it doesn't matter. ;)

However, I like games that have a high demand for logic and thinking.

 I love the simplicity as well as the complexity of a game, because it opens up to different game mechanics.

I like when the games are very difficult and you have to rack your brains to know which strategy will be effective.

The puzzles will live up to their names as far as I'm concerned.

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 12/11/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Trivial pursuit: to develop one's knowledge and cultivate oneself.

One of the general knowledge games that marked my childhood is Trivial Pursuit.

The Genius version allowed me to play with my older cousins.

It started with the desire to want to play the same games as my cousins, then it continued with the desire to discover and learn new things.

With well-known categories such as cinema, heritage, music, history, geography, etc., I loved discovering new things while playing.

As a team with one of my cousins ​​ten years older than me, we complemented each other according to the areas of the questions.

But beyond that, we were all playing together and laughing as we learned.

Especially since the Trivial Pursuit is now adapted in several versions and themes, which allows you to play a variety of general knowledge.

Since I was little, I have always been very curious and I have always liked to learn things, so a game that combined play and knowledge was a great discovery for me.

Some general knowledge games now sound much more dynamic and sometimes offer the addition of challenges to set the mood a little more.

What we did to spice up the game with my cousins ​​was to add pledges and constraints or advantages and special points through various challenges.

This could make games of general knowledge just so laughable and unforgettable!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 05/11/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Yu Gi Oh: managing combos, effective and destructive strategies.

Among all these games that I played a lot, there are card games such as heros dei, magic or even yu gi oh.

Less interested in magic and moderately in hero dei, my teenage preference was for Yu gi oh!

I adhered much more to this universe than those of magic and heros dei.

I loved the fact that we could start from small cards to make super powerful combos!

When I came across the red-eyed black dragon or even alpha the master of beasts or other special or rare cards, I was super happy.

I remember creating all kinds of effective and destructive strategies that allowed me to win outright against other players.

Even when I played again 15 years after quitting with a client, I managed to do a combo that won me in the second round.

I was as surprised as my client, because I thought that in 15 years that I had not played there, I would be rusty...

There is always a way to find a combo to counter his opponent's attacks or to return his attacks to him.

Sometimes, you even have to sacrifice a little to protect yourself and react to win the game or gain experience.

 Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 29/10/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

King Arthur, Atmosfear: challenge the game and surpass yourself.

I've played a lot of different games since I was young and I keep discovering new ones every day.

Because yes, the play experience is diverse and varied now thanks to talented authors, illustrators and creators.

When we talk about electronic games, it is technology that is at the service of the excellence of a board game.

I am thinking in particular of games like King Arthur or Atmosfear.

King Arthur which offers quests activated when our characters go to the place of its realization.

Atmosfear, where this game with a VHS tape (yes me too, I got old talking about it ^^) allowed to have ambient noises and the rest of the puzzles in a mysterious universe…

These games that are magnified by technology and making this type of game just unmissable and unforgettable!

Yes, these are games from the 80s-90s!

These games where you play against the game and where you have to try to brainstorm to try to win!

These games whose descendants could be these games guided by an application and where you have to solve an investigation or run away!

The 80s and 90s marked authors and inspired more modern games.

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 22/10/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Mille Borne: managing your game and dirty tricks.

The Mille bornes is one of the other games that marked my childhood.

Progressing over the limits and hazards that we are asked throughout the game, taught me very young to manage the frustration linked to the difficulty.

Because yes, the dirty tricks can be numerous to the thousand limits, that's why we love or hate this kind of games in general...^^

You have to manage your game well to move forward without letting others progress too much to try to prevent them from winning.

A red light, a punctured wheel, an accident, or a lack of gas can slow you down for a while...

You can also curb the enthusiasm of other players thanks to speed limits.

The dirty tricks limit you for a moment, but with the right assets, you always manage to get back on your way.

And then, for those who play the game, the difficulties are part of the game and then make us progress faster to the next mile!

The dirty tricks, if you don't know how to manage your cards in hand, always end up leaving you on the sidelines.

I remain determined to share the playful world with you, because my driving force is these moments that we share!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 15/10/2023

Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Uno: the American 8 that reveals personalities!

Uno was one of the games that marked my gaming life among many others.

The uno always allows you to have a good time no matter who you play with.

Because the Uno is simple to handle and easier to access than the American 8.

No need to know the values ​​and special effects of the cards to play, because everything is noted on them.

The American 8 is already a very good classic, but the uno has given it a more generic dimension by making it accessible to everyone.

Easy to play, the uno allows you to see the personality of the players around the table.

Some will struggle to land a +2 or +4 on players around them, while others will feel less remorse. :)

Within the framework of the game everything is possible, because it remains only a game.

You have to take it a little seriously but not too seriously to have fun together.

As Vladimir Jankélévith says, “Eliminate one of the two opposites, play or seriousness, and adventure ceases to be adventurous”.

Since I love to live this adventure with you, I will continue to seriously surprise you with new things.

Some players turn out to be accomplices, teasers, good or bad players, but above all motivated players!

The Uno with its simplicity, allows moments of sharing often hectic, but always stimulating!

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

JJV's Offs

On 08/10/2023