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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Rainforest: after the rain comes the good weather.

To grow, a plant needs sun but also water. The same is true for a business.

It is always rewarding to see a company grow and progress over time, but difficulty allows you to rethink your strategy and strengthen your company.

Difficulties often leave us in the lurch for a moment, but when you care about your business, you find the perfect solution.

And then, the difficulties also allow us to develop in a better way and even to obtain even better than we had anticipated.

Because when everything flows naturally, we might tend to rest on our laurels, while difficulties are sources of reflection and progress...

How ? Because difficulty forces us to step out of our comfort zone by questioning our practices to adapt them even better to what suits us.

When everything goes as planned, we don't think beyond what we had planned, while difficulties, although complex, always allow us to evolve.

Sometimes in the wrong direction, with errors, but these errors are sources of experience and we do not start from scratch; and sometimes in a good way, when we can adapt to the changes made and make them a source of professional and personal enrichment.

I am very happy to have been able to learn and enrich myself from each personal and professional experience and to continue to be able to do so on a daily basis...

Good or bad experience, they teach me on a daily basis how to evolve. There is always something to remember from each one.

So, thank you all for sharing my daily experience ;)

Good day and good game ;)



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