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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Santo Domingo: conquering new horizons.

When it comes to the gaming world, I feel like an adventurer every day!

I try to never rest on my laurels and make you new, fun suggestions.

I am proactive and your curiosity allows us to spend unique and original moments!

Having a giant Mad Trip at the store is done! Playing it for seniors and little ones in animation is done! Playing a giant One Key again and looking for clues among the games in store is done!

These examples among many others of everything I like to offer you on a daily basis in entertainment and in the store, I will continue to offer them to you in the future!

I am playful by nature and sharing a fun moment with you is always an important and unique moment for me.

I am lucky to have players of all ages and backgrounds, which makes our discussions very interesting for me.

Just as I like to share with you my passion for board games, I like when we share your interests as well, because in addition to being a player, I am curious.

I still have plenty of fun magic tricks up my sleeves to offer you original play times and fun nuggets for all types of players. ;)

There are always new horizons to explore and I have not finished offering you new things. So it's up to you to discover a fun world with inexhaustible inspiration.

Good day and good game ;)



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