2 words game

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Full Speed!

Rank the different objects and animals in order of speed, from 10 to 30 minutes for 2 to 8 players!

In Full Speed, placing the cards in the right place will prevent us from drawing penalty cards.

We place all the cards in a pile face down on the table, then we place a first card in the center of the table.

A player then draws a first card and has the other players guess his speed by showing the entire card except the speed which he hides with his fingers.

The player questioned by the first player has three possibilities for placing the card on the speed line:

- On the left, if he thinks that the card is slower than one of the cards already on the table.

- On the right, if he thinks that the card is faster than another face up card.

- Above, if he thinks that the card is as fast as one of the cards already on the table.

If he made no mistake, the card remains on the Speed ​​line, but if it was not correct, he takes the penalty card and places it face up in front of him.

As you play, the Speed ​​line will expand and the placement of cards will be more difficult to perform.

As soon as there are 12 cards lined up, the player who has just placed the twelfth removes the first and last card from the Speed ​​line and the game continues.

The game ends as soon as 3 penalty cards are collected with 4 players and 5 with 2 and 3 players.

The game continues with the remaining players until there is a winner. 

Good day and good game ;)

On 21/06/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Cross Fire!

Don't get caught in crossfire, 5 to 10 players for 5 to 10 minutes from 14 years old!

In Cross Fire, we will play hidden roles either VIP protectors or VIP enforcers, but also personal objectives.

In Cross Fire mode, players form two teams, blue and red. The red team must reach the VIPs and the blue team must prevent the VIPs from being hit.

After looking at the cards of the different characters, we learn about their role in the game and their specificities.

Then we shuffle the cards again to distribute them to the next player who will do the same.

You will then have to claim a role with the card placed in front of it face down, trying to hide your true role to achieve your objective.

By discussing with the other players, about the roles that we try to deduce with the previous shuffling of the cards and their words, we try to determine what the role of the other players is.

To claim another role, you change the meaning of your card. We cannot show our card face up to the other players, but we can very well claim to be playing a role that is not ours to achieve our objectives.

Then, after 3 minutes of discussion and bluffing, on the count of 3, we point our finger at another player.

With his finger still pointed at another player, the game leader announces:

- If you are not armed, lower your finger.

- Agents, reveal your role card.

- If you have been targeted by an agent, lower your weapon and reveal your role card.

- VIP reveal your role cards. Are you targeted?

Yes: the red team wins; No: the blue team wins.

Some cards have victory or defeat conditions and are announced at that time.

With Sniper mode, the sniper will attempt to kill the assassins by placing his sniper shot cards before the time runs out. At the end of the round, the players targeted by sniper fire are shot down and reveal their role cards.

If all assassins are killed, the blue team wins; but if the sniper kills a VIP or a civilian, the red team wins.

If no team has won at this stage, the assassins not defeated reveal their role cards; we count down again to 3 until the final resolution.

To win at Crossfire, let your instincts guide you.

Your first lead is the role the players say they have. If too many players have the same role, someone is bound to be lying...

Your second avenue is observing the cards before the start of the game. Did you see the same cards as what other players announced?

Perhaps you have found allies... Each piece of information is very useful; it's up to you to put the pieces of these bits of information together.

So who is lying? Who tells the truth? Who should hide their identity? Who seems to be looking for the truth? Who seems evasive or too talkative?

We add up the points from each round and the player with the most points wins the game.

Will you be caught in the crossfire?

Good day and good game ;)

On 14/06/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about 8 bit box!

3,2,1, ready, fire, go for a wild Olympic race, among other things, 40 minutes of 4 to 6 players from 8 years old!

In 8 bit box, we play Pixoid, Outspeed and Stadium! Defeat the ghosts, win the race and prove yourself at the games!

And today, we're going to talk about Stadium and its 10 team events to achieve victory over other athletes.

The best athletes from the Blue Starz and Red Sunz are expected on the athletics track!

You have trained your whole life for this event. It's up to you to show what you're worth, but keep in mind that you will be stronger as a team.

Manage your efforts as best as possible during all the events so that your nation shines by winning as many medals as possible!

Using your controller, decide how much Energy you want to spend in the current Trial.

Each Event being different, you will need to be on the same wavelength as your Team partners to be able to go the distance, and thus win a maximum of Medals at the end of 10 Events.

Each type of Medal earns a certain number of points.

Trial tiles come in three types: standard Trial tiles, Rest Trial tiles, and Final Trial tiles.

When the Trials are set up, they form an athletics track.

During this phase, the first player reveals the next tile still face down according to the direction of the game.

During this phase, play the current Event as indicated by the explanations read by the first player.

You are never allowed to program your controller with a number greater than the amount of energy remaining on your Energy track. You can always program 0. The cube on your Energy track can never go beyond 30 or below 0.

If the Crucible allows you to communicate with other players, everyone at the table must be able to hear you. You can never show your controller to other players until the Crucible asks you to reveal it.

So who will win after the following events: track cycling, horse riding, golf, team gymnastics, 4X100m relay, weightlifting, pole vault, archery, pole vault, 100 meters, beach volleyball, fencing, rugby , taekwendo and the final, basketball.

When the Trial ends, award the corresponding Medal(s) as described in the explanation of each Trial.

The game ends when the Medal of the 10th Event has been awarded. Each Team adds up its victory points.

The team with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Good day and good game ;)

On 07/06/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Take gem all!

In Take gem all, find the best word for 20 minutes, from 8 years old and from 2 to 10 players to win as many gems as possible!

In Take Gem All, grab as many precious stones as possible by being the fastest player to give an answer corresponding to the theme played and starting with one of the four letters in play!

But be careful; beware of trap cards that could slow you down and diamonds that could disrupt the flow of the game...

Once the theme is known, players must be the quickest to find an answer related to this theme and whose first letter begins with one of the 4 letters proposed by the Precious Stones.

The first player to give a correct answer wins the Gemstone of the letter used:

- Emeralds (green) are worth 1 point

- Sapphires (blue) are worth 2 points

- Rubies (red) are worth 3 points

- Diamonds (gray) allow you to steal a stone from another player.

There are 4 kinds of trap cards, bamboo, carat'strophe, cursed stone and diamond fever which allow other players to play, replace the precious stones, have to discard a stone and use the letters following the letters drawn to create words.

The game ends once all Theme cards have been played. Players count their points and the player with the most wins. In the event of a tie, the tied players compete in a final round.

Good day and good game ;)

On 31/05/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Penny Papers!

In Penny Papers, go on a 30-minute adventure, from 8 years old and from 1 to 4 players without forgetting the peppers to score the highest score!

Adventure is before us with this series of small strategic games.

We roll the 3 dice and the result is common for all players, who write down the path they wish to take to obtain objectives.

We then advance to the heart of the adventure in more depth to complete our grid in order to score as many points as possible.

All players write numbers into their grid optimally to get the most victory points.

 Test your ability to manage space and use dice special effects wisely.

Oh, and don't miss an opportunity to upset your opponents' grids when dangers appear!

Influence the grids of other players with your roll of the dice and adapt to the different results to win this adventure!

The number of players is unlimited since everyone plays at the same time!

Good day and good game ;)

On 24/05/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Chili Dice!

In Chili Dice, create dice combos for 30 minutes, from 8 years old and from 1 to 4 players without forgetting the chili peppers to score the highest score!

In Chili Dice, you can roll the dice as many times as you want during a round to try to maximize your score.

But you only have thirty dice rolls at most in the entire game, so be careful when you try your luck!

Chili Dice includes a set of six six-sided dice, with one side on each die having red pips instead of white, with a red 1 on one die, a red 2 on another, and so on.

On a turn, you roll all the dice, set aside any dice you want, and rotate any red die facing the side you want (or leave them as is).

You can re-roll the remaining dice and repeat the process, noting each roll on the score sheet.

 When you stop, you score the dice in one of the ten fields on the score sheet, scoring for the numbers 1 through 6 (the red die doubling your score, if present); a straight; red dice; sets; and everything you have in front of you.

If you complete all ten fields before maxing out your rolls, you receive 5 points for each unused roll.

Whoever scores the most points wins!

Good day and good game ;)

On 17/05/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Oceanos!

 In Oceanos, play as an expedition captain for 15 to 20 minutes, from 8 years old and 2 to 4 players collect astonishing animal species!

Throughout the game, the player composes his underwater expedition by arranging his exploration cards on three superimposed lines.

Each captain chooses an expedition card and passes them to the other captains who do the same. The exploration cards contain several elements that allow you to score points or improve your submarine.

 Each submarine is made up of five elements which improve as you progress through the levels: a thruster, an engine, a cockpit, an aquarium and a diving hatch.

Exploration cards represent the discoveries of expeditions which are either positive (animals, corals, treasures), negative (kraken eyes) or improvements (bases and crystals).

 The game is played in 3 rounds of rounds. Each player chooses a color and assembles their submarine with the level pieces, then after placing the diver and fuel tokens, we randomly draw a kraken token for the 3 sizes.

 The expedition cards of the round are distributed, then each player receives an exploration card per possessed periscope.

You choose an exploration card to play face down in front of you, then the players place them from left to right on the same line. We will have one line of exploration cards per round. Fuel tokens allow you to keep a card face down for safekeeping.

The diver token allows you to recover the treasures found there and all those on the cards under which they are found on the ascent on a map with a treasure.

To improve your submarine, the crystals placed before the base will determine its level at the end of the round.

You earn points based on the animals collected and the submarine thrusters.

Then we count the Kraken's points with a token. It is the player who has the most on his cards who loses the points associated with the token of the current level.

At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points is the winner.

Good day and good game ;)

On 10/05/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Sans queue ni tête!

Place your chameleons for 15 to 20 minutes, from 8 years old and from 2 to 4 players to win the game!

You have to rebuild the chameleons on the table piece by piece and try not to be the color with the most points on any of them.

At the end of a round, the player whose color has the most points on a chameleon will score those points.

Players can score on multiple chameleons at once.

Once a player reaches 32 points, the game is over and the player with the fewest points wins.

A complete game takes place over several turns, a turn is made up of 6 turns, a turn is made up of 3 phases

1.Choose cards Each player secretly selects the card he wishes to play and places it face down on the table.

2. Roll the dice When each player has a face down card in front of them, everyone rolls their die. The player with the lowest score starts. In the event of a tie, tied players reroll their dice until a winner emerges.

3. Playing card The first player reveals his card and plays it. Then, starting with the player to their left, the other players take turns doing the same in a clockwise direction.

Once you start building a chameleon, you need to finish building it by placing cards on it clockwise.

When all players have played, begin the next round by starting again from phase 1.

Good day and good game ;)

On 03/05/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Santo Domingo!

Place your goods and actions for 20 to 30 minutes, from 8 years old and from 2 to 6 players to gain the maximum number of life points!

In Santo Domingo, you must try to make the best possible use of your 8 Action cards.

Each round, players simultaneously choose an Action card.

The cards are then resolved in ascending order. You will therefore have to estimate as best as possible which card your opponents will choose.

Depending on the cards played, you will obtain victory points (VP) (cards 1, 2 and 6) or goods (cards 3, 4 and 5).

The Merchant (card 7) will then allow you to exchange your goods for VPs. The Beggar (card 8) will allow you to regain control of your cards.

The game ends when a player obtains 30 VP. At the end of this round, the player with the most VP wins the game.

A Santo Domingo game takes place over several rounds. Each round is broken down into three phases:

1. Restock

Advance all the markers on the game board a number of spaces depending on the number of players.

2. Play an Action card

Each player chooses one or more Action cards to play for this round: 2 cards during a game with 2 or 3 players and 1 card during a game with 4, 5 or 6 players.

You will find a reminder of the number of playing cards in the upper corners of the game board. The card(s) are placed face down in front of the players.

When all players are ready, all cards are revealed simultaneously.

3. Resolve Action cards

The effect of each card is then applied in ascending order of card values ​​(starting with the Captain, if he has been played). The effects of identical Action cards are applied at the same time (there is no order of play).

The cards played remain visible until the end of the round; they will only be discarded face down once all the cards have been resolved.

All players have the same 8 action cards: Captain, Admiral, Governor, Frigate, Galleon, Customs Officer, Merchant and Beggars.

Depending on the cards, you will receive life points or goods. These can move our hit point slider up or down.

Players who did not play Beggar during this round now discard the cards played into a personal discard pile, face down.

As the rounds progress, these players will have fewer and fewer cards to play, until they play a Beggar which will allow them to take their cards back into their hands.

The game board markers remain where they are for the next round.

If no one has reached 30 VP or more, a new round begins.

Good day and good game ;)

On 26/04/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Yum Yum Island!

Feed the animals blindly but guided in 20 minutes, from 6 years old and from 2 to 5 players to earn points!

More information: Joulejeuvaison.com

Good day and good game ;)

Yum Yum Island is populated with hungry animals, animals that you and your fellow players must feed before the island giant can take food from you and fill its own belly first.

In the game Yum Yum Island, players take on the role of pelicans trying to feed the animals on the island.

Each animal is represented by a cardboard cutout with a second raised level to identify the animal's mouth.

Inside the mouth are two numbers – one green and one red – which indicate the amount of vegetarian and meat-based food the animal needs to be satisfied.

On their turn, a player first rolls the die to determine the difficulty level of this round, then they put on the blindfold so they cannot see the playing area.

The player collects a certain amount of food from the supply (which contains a mix of red and green tokens), reaches out and tries to place the food into an animal's mouth.

Any food that falls out or does not meet the animal's needs is placed in the giant's intestinal tract.

The die roll can allow other players to give advice (“Move left! Remove your hand!”) or allow the player to collect some food or receive help during the turn.

Blindfolded, let yourself be guided by the other players to feed the animals and give the corresponding number of foods each turn.

But be careful, if you make a mistake and the giant's stomach is full before all the animals on the different islands are fed, the giant wins and all the players lose!

The gourmet islands are yours! Yum, yum!

Good day and good game ;)

On 19/04/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Rainforest!

Rearrange the species of the jungle in 20 to 30 minutes, from 8 years old and from 2 to 4 players to recreate a cradle of diversity!

In Rainforest, harmoniously arrange your jungle with different types of vegetation and reintroduce the region's emblematic animal species to help their preservation.

On his turn, the player performs two obligatory actions in order:

1 Take the first Jungle tile from a pile then all the Species tokens of a single color or type from the same zone.

2 Distribute the Species tokens collected on your Jungle tiles inwait in its blank zone then validate those which are completed by moving them into its jungle.

The player chooses one of the 5 areas on the board and performs these two steps in order:

He takes the first Jungle tile from the pile and can either place it in one of the spaces in his blank area, or place it back under the pile if he does not want to take it or if he already has 3 tiles in his pile blank area.

Then he must take all the Species tokens of a single color or type of his choice in this same zone. The totem animal assigned to each player at the start of the game will earn them more points.

The player who collects the last Species token in a zone can immediately exchange one of his Species tokens collected during this turn or from his reserve with any Species token from the central board.

If the player creates an area of ​​3 or 4 tiles of the same color connected and the two Protected Area tokens of the color are available for the game, the player can immediately recover the token of 3 or 4 tiles.

A player can only have one Protected Area token per color.

The player places the Protected Area token on one of the tiles of their choice in the connected area in question.

If the player combines the 5 colors in his jungle, he collects the Balance token and places it on the tile of the 5th color. A player can only have one Balance token.

If a player has more Species tokens than he can store in his reserve (limited to 2), he must discard the excess into the bag.

He manages his reserve as he wishes: he can discard tokens reserved for previous rounds to store new ones collected this round.

When a player validates their 9th Jungle tile, they trigger the end of the game. The players complete the round of the table until they return to the player who has the Binoculars token, so that everyone has played the same number of rounds. They then move on to counting points.

Each Jungle tile validated in the jungle earns the number of points indicated on it, the Totem Species tokens, protected area and the balance tokens add or multiply the additional points.

The player who obtains the most points wins the game. In the event of a tie, the players share the victory.

Will you manage to make your jungle a cradle of diversity?

Good day and good game ;)

On 12/04/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we’re going to talk about Captain’s War!

Go in search of treasures for 30 to 45 minutes, from 12 years old and from 1 to 6 players to score as many points as possible!

More information: Joulejeuvaison.com

Good day and good game ;)

In the game Captain's War, you play as pirate captains in search of reputation.

Accumulate resources and gold and adorn yourself with attributes worthy of a legend of the 7 seas! Upgrade your boat and attack your rivals to weaken them before the final battle.

The most famous pirate at the end of the game will be declared the winner!

The game takes place in 3 stages:


The active player rolls the dice, discards 1, then everyone chooses two outcomes to expand.


Once your Resources and Gold Coins have been recovered, spend them on the Attributes of a captain or a new Ship. And don't forget to recruit Pirates into your crew!


At the end of the turn, when all the pirates have made their resource choices, their acquisitions and their advances, the active player can trigger a boarding attack.

It's up to you to find the balance and not fall into the bluffers' traps!


The Captains’ War box allows you to play an adventure for 2 to 6 players! To do this, you will need to open the sealed package and follow the instructions.

Thanks to this package, your game choices and your situation will have consequences on the rest of the adventure. Throughout the latter, you will learn to use the additional modules (Features and Arsenal) which are found in the black sealed envelopes. These modules will be added to your main sheet to offer you new gaming sensations.

Enough to offer great replayability and an expert mode to players who have experienced the classic game mode!

SINGLE-player mode.

The Captains’ War box will allow you to play in single-player mode! This game mode requires the use of the 4 legendary Captains cards available in the sealed deck present in the box.

Face them alone to write your name in pirate legend!

Good day and good game ;)

On 05/04/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Costa Ruana!

Collect treasures with your tribes for 20 to 60 minutes, from 8 years old and from 2 to 6 players to score as many points as possible!

In Costa Ruana, you are a tribal leader. Send your natives to neighboring islands to get your hands on more pirate treasure than your rivals.

 If you become a shaman, your decisions affect events, so your rivals will try to influence you through fair or foul means...

Your goal is to score the most points by having treasures in your cabin and natives in your stash at the end of the fifth round.

Treasures are the key: each turn, you collect one on each island on which your tribe is in the majority (or minority, if other tribes are tied there).

Cards allow you to move treasure, place natives on islands, bring them home, or move them between islands.

Each turn, everyone plays a face-up card in front of any player (including themselves), followed by another face-down card (also in front of anyone).

Finally, you can place a native on any card played, even a hidden card played by an opponent, if you are very daring! — to copy its effect for yourself.

The background of each card is four colors, but in each round only two-color cards will be resolved, affecting the players they are played in front of.

The shaman determines these colors by turning over one of the two condition cards. If you are the shaman, use your power to the best of your ability; otherwise, try to guess others or influence the shaman.

Memorize the number of treasures in other players' cabins and carefully manage your natives: a few points can make the difference!

Intriguing, double riddles and bluffs: welcome to Costa Ruana!

Good day and good game ;)

On 29/03/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about the Trial of the Temples!

You will be put to the test for 30 to 60 minutes, from 14 years old and 2 to 4 players to become the best adventurer!

The game offers you a challenge based on choice of placement and ability to adapt.

Game situations will very often lead players to have to answer this question:

“Is it better for me to place myself in a certain place to accumulate resources or is it better for me to position myself here to prevent the development of other players?

“Similarly, decisions made by other players can upset your turn strategy and force you to improvise a new one on the fly.

During the game, players accumulate Power Cubes which will allow them to unlock spells in their Grimoire; some provide immediate bonuses, others are more long-term oriented.

Here again, it is a matter of choice and this “personalization” aspect allows you to opt for several game strategies.

 As is often the case in games developed by Emperor S4, the Trial of the Temples offers a game with simple mechanics to learn but which offer a rich gaming experience conducive to twists and turns!

The game works on a principle of accumulation of Victory Points: at the end of the game, the player who has collected the most wins.

A complete game takes place in 5 turns maximum but can end sooner depending on the players' actions!

Pay attention to the actions of others because some may want to end the game faster than you want!

In summary, the Temples test offers, in a package of simple rules and an interesting aesthetic, a game combining reflection, planning and adaptation and the slightest decision (of placement or development) has consequences.

To discover and savor!

Good day and good game ;)

On 22/03/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about the Kingdom of Sand!

It's up to you to build your oases in 20 to 40 minutes, from 16 years old and from 3 to 6 players, and regenerate the magic of the kingdom of sand!

The Sand Kingdom, a parallel reality source of magic, is dying.

After thousands of years of overuse, magic has almost disappeared.

Faced with peril, the Queen of Ragusa embarked on a quest to save her home, traveling to the Kingdom of Sand.

With the kingdom in peril, time bends and reality shifts uncontrollably in the physical world.

As a royal magician, you must act quickly to help him stabilize and regenerate magic.

As she travels the plane awakening the power of the glyphs, you, as the royal magician, must act quickly to assemble these glyphs and stabilize the magic to rebuild the Sand Kingdom.

Who will help the queen save Ragusa and become the hero of the Sand Kingdom?A single player mode is possible.

The game has a simple mode for easy and quick initiation and familiarization with its mechanisms.

An advanced mode, including the use of special powers, adds tactical depth and replayability.

Good day and good game ;)

On 15/03/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about the eye of Itzamna!

Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers for 90 to 120 minutes for 1 to 4 players in the heart of the temple!

Jonathan Eaton, billionaire owner of Vestigium Industries, combines running the world's largest company with adventures in temples and mazes.

 He leaves everyone perplexed when he announces his retirement.

And even more so when he explains how he will choose his successor: like a modern-day Willy Wonka, he challenges you and your friends to participate in the competition of the century. The winner will receive all Vestigium shares and will be the richest person in the world.

Are you up for it?

Go to your House of Treasures and visit the legendary temple of Itzamna, a Mayan god with great powers.

Search your way through the temple and find the jewel that is the Eye of Itzamna.

Have you completed the quest? Meet for new adventures to replay your game on the site indicated on the game box.

Good day and good game ;)

On 08/03/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Baf!

Brave heroes, from 3 to 5 players for 20 minutes, defeat the monsters to win!

In Baf, players are adventurers rushing through a perilous dungeon to root out evil, earning coins, and upgrading their abilities along the way. After three levels (with three monster towers in each level), they face the Dungeon Lord and the Dragon.

Each player has two heroes, one for their right hand and one for their left hand.

Players simultaneously reveal two dungeon maps each and quickly get their hands on the maps they want their heroes to fight.

If you win, you claim the card as loot or gear that increases your hero's abilities.

 Equipment cards are placed partially below your hero card, with the ability symbol sticking out.

This way, the four different types of abilities – Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Stealth – are built in one direction each, starting from your hero.

For particularly strong monsters, your heroes can combine their power by hitting the monster with both of your hands.

Each player controls 2 brave heroes who have joined a party of adventurers.

 They go together to explore a dangerous dungeon on 3 floors.

At each round reveal the monsters of the turn then quickly slap them to get rid of them and strip them of their powers and treasures.

 But don't get the wrong hand because each one represents a hero with his strengths and weaknesses!

It might just be the monster slapping you!

Good day and good game ;)

On 01/03/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Gold Up!

Moussaillons, from 2 to 10 players for 15 minutes, find the treasures!

In Gold Up, you are a pirate whose objective is to collect as many gold coins as possible.

These treasures are locked in chests that you will need to open with the right keys.

The color of each chest indicates the color of the key that opens it.

Be the smartest by using your keys at the right time to recover the biggest chests or steal the loot of other pirates using the special cards!

But be careful, robbing a pirate is a dangerous game and his revenge could be terrible...

Collect one of the 7 sets of chests using the correct keys.

Use the Joker key to open any chest.

Steal your opponents' keys using the Key Thief card.

Steal your opponents' chests using the Chest Thief card.

Arrange the chests in 3,2,1,2,3 on the table then distribute 5 key cards to each player.

Collect the chests of one of the 7 series using the corresponding color keys or joker keys that replace any color.

Steal keys or chests from other pirates with special cards, but be careful not to get them stolen back.

Once there are no more chests in the center of the table, the point values ​​of each chest won by the players are counted.

Whoever has the highest value of gold coins wins the game.

On board, sailors!

Good day and good game ;)

Just activate the English subtitles.

On 23/02/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Patatrap Quest!

Go on a quest, for 2 to 4 players for 10 minutes, and find the objects to defeat the big bosses!


For a very, very long time, the castle of Patatrap has been regularly invaded by all sorts of threatening and more or less evil creatures.

This is how the order of the intrepid was created, bringing together all the adventurers and adventurers of the region ready to defend the castle of Patatrap and its fabulous Tower with 1000 mirrors!

In turn, each player must move their Character token on the trapdoors of the game board. Use the mirrors to see the contents of the trapdoors.

The goal?

Collect useful equipment to fight the final Big Bad!

The first player who manages to land three blows wins the game. But watch out for trapped hatches, you'll have to remember their location...

Finally, unless the elf, the ghost or even the thief decides to get involved and make a mess.

A real dungeon crawler for children! Includes 5 different endlessly replayable adventures.
Do you dare to face Sheuloub the spider, Michel the werewolf, Elvys the vampire, Smok the dragon or even Babakazoo the cursed king?

To win Patatrap Quest, you must be the first player to successfully attack the "Big Bad" in the castle three times.
The castle consists of a wall of mirrors surrounding a central pillar. On a turn, roll the dice, then move a distance equal to the face of the die or the sum of the faces of the die.

When you land on a space in the castle, your character lowers a lever and whatever is depicted under that lever is then visible in the mirror.

Sometimes you need to scavenge gear, sometimes you need to trade boards, and sometimes you do something else.
When you have the right gear and can access the stairway to the top of the pillar, you can take on the Big Bad.

Draw the topmost token from its stack, then look at it secretly. If you can discard the represented object, you recover this token; otherwise, you're kicked out of the castle and have to start moving in again.


The first player to collect three tokens wins.

Patatrap Quest includes five Big Bads, each with its own stack of chips.


Good day and good game ;)

On 16/02/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !


Today we are going to talk about Team Team!


Together, from 2 to 6 players for 10 to 20 minutes, find which animal is where!


As you might guess from the name, in Team Team you play as a team, with each team consisting of a speaker and a builder.


Each builder has a set of five tiles, with the tiles featuring five shapes, five colors, and five animals; each team's tiles have a different layout of these features.


Each builder lays his tiles in a row in front of him, and he wishes to arrange these tiles according to a pattern known only to the speaker, the pattern being the same for all teams.

At the start of a round, one of the speakers reveals a sound card, like "Woof!" or "Bong!", then they place a pattern card on a screen that is only visible through the speakers.


The pattern can be 3-5 animals in a row, 3-5 shapes in a row, or 3-5 colors in a row. The game then begins. Each builder begins by placing a finger on two different tiles, then their interlocutor:


Make the sound once - Bong! - if the builder has to finger different tiles.

Make the sound twice - Bong! Bof! — whether the builder should swap the finger tiles.

Make the sound three times - Bong! Bof! Bof! — if all the tiles are laid out correctly.

At this point, the builder slaps the multicolored tile in the center of the table.


If that team's tile layout is correct - and with only 3-4 tiles depicted on a template card, the tiles must be in the correct order and adjacent to each other - then they claim the template card as a point.


If they are incorrect, each other team scores a point.


The first team to score 3 points wins.


Good day and good game ;)


Just activate the English subtitles.

On 09/02/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Just Desserts!

To your desserts, from 2 to 5 players for 25 minutes, to place perfect orders!

It's Dessert Night!

The guests are here, and they are hungry!

Serve them their favorite sweets in this delicious dessert distribution game.

Become the best server of the evening by ensuring that all guests get their perfect desserts!

The guests are here, and they're hungry, so try to be the best waiter in this cafe by making sure all the guests get their perfect desserts!

In this card game, each player starts with a hand of three dessert cards while three guest cards are placed in the center of the table; each dessert card shows 1-3 tastes it satisfies, such as chocolate, fruit or pastry, while guest cards show what they crave as well as what they refuse to eat.

You take turns drawing a dessert card, adding a guest card to the table from the draw pile, then performing one of three actions:

- Serve (and claim) one or two guests by discarding one or more dessert cards to give them what they want (while avoiding what they don't want); if you give a guest their favorite item, you receive a tip with an additional dessert menu.

- Draw another dessert card.

- Lay down as many dessert cards as you want, then draw as many cards from the deck.

At the end of your turn, discard guests from the table so that only one guest from each "suit" is still waiting to be served - but the guest heading for the door (top of the discard pile) can still be claimed by any server.

If at any time you have served three guests of the same costume or five guests of different costumes, then you have won!

Just desserts includes game variations that let you steal guests from another server by sending more candy, force other servers to each drop a guest, and throw a surprise party to claim a guest out of turn.

Good day and good game ;)


On 02/02/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Chimera!

Create your chimeras, from 2 to 5 players for 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and score the most points!

In Chimera, each player embodies a magician at the court of a King who has decided to entrust his Kingdom to the best Court Magician.

Each magician now has the task of convincing the king that he is the best magician in the court.

To do this, they organize a big magic tournament with various competitions.

For each competition, players must craft a fabulous creature made up of a mix of three real animals.

These chimeras then compete in various trials to determine the best magician.

Three-ingredient creatures are created simultaneously by all players drawing from the three decks of creatures in front of them, placing the cards face down on one of the four contest areas in front of them.

Once players have chosen their three ingredient creatures for each of the four contests, they can trade ingredient creature pieces between their four different contest tiles.

Contests can include Mud Wrestling, Funniest Creature, First Blood Battle, Potato Sack Race, and Cutest Creature.

 Only four are chosen from the available contest play, and only the first and second place players in each contest receive points.

The first player to complete their selections for all four contests can declare they are done, putting a 30 second time limit for all other players to complete their choices.

Voting takes place between players to see who has the best creature featured in each contest.

Three rounds are played with the aforementioned stages, with creature and contest cards being reshuffled and redrawn.

Each round lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, for a total of 30-45 minutes per game.

1- Look for the natures of animals most suitable for competitions.

2- Merge your animals to create your chimeras.

3- Optimize your creations to win as many competitions as possible.

Good day and good game ;)

On 26/01/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Pantacle!

Light the 5 fires, from 3 to 5 players for 45 to 60 minutes, thanks to your adepts!

Play as a wizard and be the first to light the 5 Pantacle fires!

Each player must gather enough resources (Influence (cubes), Adepts (meeples), Powers (tokens)) to light the flames of the PANTACLE one by one.

These resources can only be obtained by requesting favors from the Guardians of the PANTACLE.

There are 7 types of favors that provide either resources or powers whose effects will aid your progress. Be careful though!

 If another player has the correct set of cards in hand, they can counter your request and bribe you for the favor.

To ignite a flame on the PANTACLE, players must regularly sacrifice accumulated resources.

The more the players progress, the more the PANTACLE resists and the more the game becomes complex.

Indeed, a player who lights a flame receives a reward (resource, power) but also a curse, despite the sacrifice of resources.

To do this, seek the guardians of Pantacle who will bring you the necessary powers, influence and followers.

But beware of your opponents because, if one of them has the right combination of cards in hand, they can thwart you and steal the benefit offered by the guardians.

Guardians can suspend a curse for a while, but will other players let them?

1. Ask the Guardians of the Pantacle to acquire influence, powers or followers that you will place on your player board.

2. When you have enough followers, power and influence, sacrifice them to light one of your flames on the Pantacle.

3. The difficulty increases for each flame lit: you will receive a curse that you can cancel by requesting the Guardians or by meeting its criteria.

4. Beware of your opponents. If they have the right combination of cards, they will be able to counter you when you call on the Guardians and steal the benefit of your solicitation.

The first player to light 5 fires wins the game!

Good day and good game ;)

On 19/01/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Evil High Priest!

Recruit in the Lovecraftian universe, from 2 to 5 players for 40 to 90 minutes, and win the most victory points!

Evil High Priest is a worker-placement game in which the players take the part of priests of a Lovecraftian entity. All players worship the same Great Old One, but they are emphatically not allies.

When they awaken their Great Old One, he will decide which among them is the best (based on VPs) and appoint that priest, and that priest only, to be the High Priest, who wins.

The game contains cards, cardboard tokens, and multiple different boards - each player has an inner sanctum, plus a priest board to manage his sect. In addition there is a town board, representing Lovecraft country; a ritual board, representing magic spells; and a cult board, representing the Great Old One you seek to release.

The game is performed in Action phases. the players take turns moving their cultists to activate various sites on the different boards, gathering resources, summoning monsters, shattering Elder Signs, and launching investigator raids (which attack all players). When all players run out of cultists, the Action phase ends, and players recover their cultists, freeing up the board sites for the next Action phase.

Victory is determined when the last Elder Sign blocking your Great Old One is shattered, and at this point everyone totes up points. Different resources are worth different amounts, but the most valuable are the Elder Signs.

Driving the game are the player's need to recruit more cultists & gather more resources, balanced against his need to shatter Elder Signs and protect himself against the deadly investigator raids.

Unusual among worker placement games, the cult board can be swapped out between games, for a different experience.

The Cthulhu cult board does not play the same as the Black Goat cult board, and they require different tactics and planning.

 Good day and good game ;)

On 12/01/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

 Today we are going to talk about Monster Chase!

 Go on a monster hunt, from 1 to 6 players from 10 minutes, by finding what scares them!

 Monster Hunt is a cooperative memory game for players ages 3-7.

 In the game, monsters come out from under the bed and try to surround it.

 Each monster is only afraid of one toy that will banish it to the closet among the ten available to find.

 If the players manage to send all the monsters to the closet before they can close the circle around the bed, they win!

Otherwise, the monsters are declared the winner.

In game terms, face down cards are placed on the table with tiles and then placed around those cards.

 To start, a card is revealed that represents a monster and the toy it is afraid of.

 In turn order, each player must now find the toy that scares that monster, with the toy hidden in the face-down tiles.

If players make three mistakes while searching for this toy, a new monster spawns with a different toy needed to scare it away.

Once all the monsters are out, you only have three chances to win by getting rid of all the monsters.

The rules offer different levels of difficulty to adapt to the player's experience and/or maturity, such as a tile that shuffles other tiles and a tile that instantly spawns a new monster.

 Good day and good game ;)


On 05/01/2024

2 words game

2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Story cubes!

Sharpen your mind and imagination, from 1 to 12 players from 20 minutes, by creating original stories!

Story Cubes is a game where you have 9 dice to create stories.
54 images that allow you to create different stories in each game.

You can play either simultaneously and create a story all together or choose to roll the dice each in turn and create a story with the 9 images of the turn.

With the 9 cubes you can generate 9 random images, then use them to invent a story that begins with "Once upon a time..." and use the 9 elements as part of the story.

Whether you play alone or with others, the game allows you to develop and express your narrative creativity.
The game can be played as an improvisational game where each player contributes a part of the story, picking up where the last one left off.

 One can earn reward points for fluency and originality in story creation, inventiveness, imagination, drama and humor.

It's up to you to set your points allocation criteria according to your centers of interest, with more or less serious criteria, to enjoy the game as you wish.

So get started and give free rein to your imagination to have a good time with family or friends.

Good day and good game ;)


On 29/12/2023