2 words game

  • 2 words game

    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Ultrium Sphere, Terra Nueva!

    In the distant future, man has conquered space and the ultimate entertainment is an extremely violent sport called ULTRIUM SPHERE.

    In these matches, anything goes. At least two teams compete against each other to score the decisive 3 goals that lead to victory.

    Teams are usually owned by powerful corporations or simple independents, and players come from all over the Galaxy (humans, androids, genetic experiments, or aliens).

    ULTRIUM SPHERE has become the most popular game in the entire universe and is watched by hundreds of billions of people. Players who manage to survive the game and perform remarkably well are virtually elevated to the rank of Deities and are called the ULTRAs.

    In ULTRIUM SPHERE, each player is the leader of an Ultrium Sphere team, which they try to lead to victory. Each team consists of two decks: 25 Ultra cards and 25 Interaction cards. Ultra Cards represent team members and describe their race and various characteristics, offensive (tackle, attack, shooting) and defensive (resistance, stop, pass).

    Interaction cards are the different strategies the team can apply. At the start of the game, each player draws 4 Interaction Cards and 6 Ultra Cards. The 6 Ultras must be arranged in two lines, the attack line and the defense line (3 Ultras in each line). Interaction cards remain in hand.

    Ultras can be used either for their particular ability or to perform various actions depending on their place in the field. Attackers can interfere with the opponent's defense (tackle, attack) or attempt to shoot a goal.

    Defenders can pass to attackers (one pass must take place before each shot on goal) or stop the opponent’s shots. The player must activate the Ultras (i.e. turn them at a 90 degree angle) when using them.

    Once activated, Ultras can no longer be used. Therefore, the player must not activate all of their Ultras during their turn, as the activated Ultras will not be able to defend themselves during the opponent's turn. When the player chooses to play an action, he must roll a 12-sided die and add the personal Ultra bonus for the chosen action.

    To know whether the action succeeds or not, the player compares the total to a success threshold, which must be exceeded or not depending on the type of action. The Interaction card can be used at any time to strengthen its own Ultras or weaken the opponent's Ultras.

    When the turn begins, the player draws 1 Interaction card and places all of their Ultras vertically. First, he / she can replace the Ultras and have 2 Ultras exchange places. He can then use the Ultras and Interaction cards.

    When the player can no longer or no longer wants to perform an action, or when he scores a goal, his turn ends and the opponent can begin his turn. Play continues until one of the players scores 3 goals.

    Good day and good game ;)


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    Hello everyone ! Today we gonna talk about Rising 5 !

    Find the lost runes and save the planet Asteros!

    A long, long time ago, the ancient King of Asteros confined the brutal monsters in the Rune Gate and sealed it with four divine runes.

    But five days ago, a mysterious evil power opened the gate and changed the code. Asteros is haunted by fear and disasters again!

    The wise leader ORAKL asked the Council of United Planets and they sent four famous agents: EKHO, HAL, ELLI and NOVA.

    ORAKL the wise and the four brave agents begin to fight against the evil powers to save Asteros. They must find the Code to reset the Gate and confine the monsters again.

    People call them "Rising 5", hoping they will be able to restore peace on the planet.

    Rising 5: Runes of Asteros is a co-operative deduction and adventure game with a mobile phone application or a game master.

     Players must find the answer Code with the four Runes in the right arrangement before the evil power devours the planet.

    Players can explore the planet to collect energy or clues and to fight against evil monsters.

    When players try to unlock the code, the App or the game master will give signs that lead to right code.

    If players successfully find the code, they win; if the Darkness Level reaches the Red Moon because of the evil monsters or if the Character card deck is exhausted, the players lose the game.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone ! Today we're going to talk about Magnastorm!

    When the first exploration vessels entered the cloudy atmosphere of the planet Magnastorm, they discovered not only evidence of abundant natural resources, but also the remnants of a long lost civilization. By order of the judiciary, the reconnaissance vehicles descended to the sterile surface to search for suitable mining areas. The goal of Magnastorm is to be the first player with a certain amount of reputation points. You gain reputation primarily by completing objectives, taking control of one or more of the eight commanders, and building transmitting stations. The progress of the game is controlled by an action board consisting of two panels each with five columns.

    At the start of each turn, there are 3-5 action tokens (crew members) in each column of the top action panel. To perform an action, a player: A) take an action token from the top panel and place it on the bottom action panel either to gain resources or to pay for movement on the planet's surface, or B) pays for each action token still in a certain column of the top panel in order to take control of the commander and his abilities at the top of that panel, after which the player places those action tokens on the bottom panel. Since option A) will reduce the cost of option B), players must find the right time for their actions. A round ends when the top panel is empty. For the next round, the panels are exchanged.

    Magnastorm is a tactical board game that leaves little room for luck. Choose the right time to take actions or buy influence over commanders. You will achieve victory through resource management, smart logistics, good timing and keeping an eye on the actions of your opponents. At the end of the game, each player receives one of 120 reward cards, which can be used in later games to compensate for the players' varying skill levels.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Warehouse 51!

    Players take on the role of wealthy collectors who spend billions of dollars to acquire very ancient relics and legendary artifacts with mysterious, beneficial or evil properties.

    Everyone wants to amass the finest collection, but must be careful not to buy a fake, which would tarnish their reputation a lot.

    The collector who has the most impressive collection at the end of the auction will be declared the winner.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Wonder Woman 84, WW84!

    A new era of wonder begins!

    Inspired by the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 film, this fast-paced card game lets four players take on the role of the Amazon Princess as she battles villains and saves innocent citizens.

    Each player has a deck of cards with four different actions - Block, Lasso, Sprint, and Punch - which they use to defeat enemies.

    Play your cards well to get rewards in the form of rescued civilians. Save as many civilians as possible to win!

    Play co-op or alone against the game to help Wonder Woman in her choices to foil the plans of Max Lord and Cheetah.

    Warning !

    Their attacks are formidable; you must use strategy and memory to win this epic battle.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today, we gonna talk about Last Heroes !

    When the stars find the proper alignment in the cycles of eternity, a portal opens between the kingdom of Limbo and the Earth.

    Chaos lets its hordes of minions surge in order to sow terror and desolation on our planet.

    A group of men and women have made it their mission to protect the earth from these monstrous attacks.

    They are called the Last Heroes.

    Together you will face the monsters.

    Your effectiveness will depend on your ability to load your weapons and create breaches in the Army of Chaos.

    Your have ten turns to eradicate as many abominations as possible, using the weapons at your disposal.

    Help your partners, exchange ammunition, coordinate your attacks.

    Only one will be declared the winner, and this is probably the most cooperative of you.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Aquaman!

    In Aquaman, the survival of the terrestrial world and the Kingdom of the Seven Seas is in your hands!

    Play as the Aquaman team to protect the terrestrial world from Ocean master and Black Manta.

    Help Aquaman and his teammates foil their enemies' plans.

    Form an alliance between Aquaman, Mera, Vulko and Atlanna to foil the plans of Ocean Master and Black Manta.

    To do this, you will need to be strategic and use your superpowers, your bluffing and anticipation skills to save the surfaciens.

    Use strategy and cooperation to win the game.

    Will you be able to protect humans from extermination and restore peace?

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Attack of the Jelly Monster!

    A jelly monster is invading the city!

    You and your squad must collect as much alien material as possible before it is destroyed by the military in 4 hours.

    The dice are your squad and you have to be better than the rest!

    To collect alien jelly, place your dice on the different quarters.

    Only the player who has the majority thanks to the value of his dice will win the reward!

    Roll your dice, place one (and only one!), Then re-roll everything before putting another one.

    Warning !

    Choose each dice wisely because, in addition to their value, they have powers that you can apply immediately.

    A mission too easy for you?

    Everyone is playing at the same time!

    To be the best squad in each neighborhood, you'll have to be faster AND smarter than the others!

    Attack of the Jelly Monster is a chaotic, tactical party game.

    Roll your seven dice frantically to get the majority, but don't go too fast!

    All squads play simultaneously, and one of them just might win a quarter under your nose!

    Be smart by using the power of your dice at the right time.

    When frost invades the city, call the Jelly Squad!

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about First Contact!

    In the shadow of the pyramids of Egypt, a spaceship has just landed.

    The aliens that emerge from it seem peaceful and just eager to interact with humans.

    But how do you understand each other when light years separate your civilizations?

    You will have to learn an unfamiliar language as quickly as possible, and without being sure that the other person understands what you mean.

    As aliens, your goal is to bring back specific memories from Earth.

    As humans, you will have to accede to the demands of these beings from elsewhere ... if you can figure out what they want!

    The players who can communicate the best will win the game!

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Roll For The Galaxy!

    Found your galactic empire!

    In Roll for the Galaxy, players build galactic civilizations by recruiting workers to colonize worlds or develop technology.

    On each turn, the players choose one of the 5 possible phases and only those chosen by at least one player will take place.

    You must therefore try to anticipate the choices of your opponents!

    Who will succeed in developing the most powerful space empire in the galaxy?

    Roll for the Galaxy is an accessible and very dynamic management game that promises you to experience the thrill of the most strategic games!

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we are going to talk about Arbra Kadabra.

    Arbra Kadabra, a fairytale game.

    In Arbra Kadabra, you find yourself in the middle of a forest like no other: you are in the Enchanted Forest.

    Your mission is simple, you must return home before the fateful hour.

    But be careful, before that you will have to pass the magic tree test.

    Arbra Kadabra, a dice game:

    To be able to return home, you will be faced with a magical multicolored tree that can grow or shrink on a dice roll.

    You will therefore have to choose the right time to insert all your wooden pieces into its trunk while trying to steal the pieces of your competitors.

    Arbra Kadabra, a game of skill:

    In order to escape and reach your cozy little nest, be clever and skilful.

    Otherwise, you will be transformed into a mushroom and spend a thousand years at the foot of this tree alongside those who have failed like you.

    Be the smartest!

    Arbra Kadabra, a game for the whole family:

     Arbra Kadabra is a game published by Montreal publisher MJ Games, specializing in games with educational content for children and families.

    Good day and good game ;)

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    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Mini Ant!

    The long, hot summer is drawing to a close, and in a quiet corner of the clearing, the ant colonies are redoubling their efforts to prepare for the approaching winter.

    Queens give birth to new ants in order to increase the population of their colony.

    Farmers and hunters scour the surroundings to stock up on food, while diggers work in the nest.

    Can you meet your colony's harvest goals?

    Can you defeat the enemy ants in the race for the declining resources of the clearing?

    Can you maneuver around the terrible predator, the millipede?

    Can you lead your colony to victory?

    Can you be the most Antish?

    Good day and good game ;)