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  • Vanagloria, the card game


    In Vanagloria, only the Source Energy Master Sorcerer will win!

    To become the ultimate master, the Shadow Sorcerers go into battle. Only the energy of the source of Vanagloria will allow the sorcerer who possesses it to be invincible and crush his enemies with the back of the hand.


  • On Cards!

    Cards game, from the classics to various styles :)

  • Construction

    Here we assemble and disassemble! To your constructions and plus plus!

  • Brainstorming

    Puzzle and strategy games. Will you loose your mind? 

  • With family and friends

    Games to play with the family and/or friends ;)

  • Our little ones

    Games and toys for our little ones. Let them enjoy playing and discovering!

  • Amazing kiddos

    Amazing kiddos' games for break, vacations or at home ;) 

  • On site or take away

    Wanna play on vacation but no place? Well, here's your category travelers! Do you play on site or on take away?  

  • To be boardgamers or not to be boardgamers!

    Here's the category for boardgames player or to be! 

  • Vintage and collector

    Here, you'll discover vintage games and limited editions!

  • Give it a second chance!

    Wanna give a second chance to these games? Earth and wallet friendly games :)

  • Multilingual boardgames

    Here, discover our boardgames available in many languages!

Games in short!

Here are some links to website which propose  games explanations, short or with more details, in videos and texts. Also sites which propose replayability and game mechanic tests. Good discoveries! ;) 

Analysis and more detailed videos on games replayability and mechanic: 

(site in English) 

Sites in French only

Quick games explanations on videos:

Quick or detailled videos and texts on games, a forum and a dedicated space for boardgames:

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