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Hello everyone !

This year, we have chosen not to offer you a catalog in paper version.

As in previous years and all following years, we are monitoring our impact on the planet.

In addition to reusing our packaging boxes, using recyclable gift wrap and tape, we do not offer you a paper catalog thrown away just after the holidays.

But we offer you even better!

An explanation of games for the youngest and the oldest for a game or toy that corresponds to what they want at the foot of the tree.

In stores, you can see the game or toy you want for Christmas even better and Santa's elves have ears everywhere, so they will know what children want. ;)

In addition to our year-round advice, you can consult our detailed year-round catalog at the click of a button.

You will find descriptions, photos of the games and even the explanatory video of the games!

All year round, we offer you spaces suitable for children, families and adults via our categories to be discovered in the description of the following photos.

We even offer vintage and refurbished games in addition to custom orders.

Since this year you can even buy playful nuggets from us thanks to:

- To gift vouchers from the store

- To the  Kadeos check

- To the Cadhoc chek

And in addition, by downloading the Fydl application on your phone, you benefit from a loyalty advantage for your in-store purchases.

The Jokers are accumulated on your online purchases to enjoy even more known or less known but equally interesting playful nuggets!

You will discover interesting links to our categories according to your interests.

Good day, good discoveries and good game ;)


Pour les enfantsFor kids :

Our little ones

Games and toys for the youngest that will allow their awakening and development. 

Pourlespluspetits 1

Amazing Kiddos

Games for children for the playground, holidays or home. 



Here we go up and down! To your constructions and even more more!



Games of reflections and strategies that will make you lose your head. 


 Pour la famille

For the family :

With family and friends

Games for you with family or friends.



To be boardgamers or not to be boargamers 

A category reserved for the older ones to play between passionate players!


On cards

Card games from the most classic to the most varied.



To play two (sometimes solo) and more than two!



Between adults

Party mood

Party games to play with friends and family!


On cards

Card games from the most classic to the most varied.



To play two (sometimes solo) and more than two!



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