Vanagloria, the card game


The little extra: a dynamic deck-building game whose complexity evolves with you.



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vanagloria card game sorcerer fight


In Vanagloria, only the dark sorcerer master of the Source energy will conquer!

Increase the concentration level of your Sorcerers, attack and defend yourself to collect more points and become the Master of the Source of energy of Vanagloria. 

Will you become the Dark Master?  Who will reign on Vanagloria?



- Vanagloria is a strategic card game in the world of Shadow wizards.

- Based on the principle of a simplified deck building, you can play it with friends and family from the age of 14.

- The game is suitable for players accustomed to playing simplified building decks and for expert players.

The strategy will be different and more developed depending on the player and his level.

- Each deck contains the starter deck for two players and the score cards.

- To play beyond 2 players, you will need a second box (adding one to two additional players per box).

- For two, the playing time is 30 to 40 minutes.

!This game is available in our store in French, English and Italian!


Vanagloria, the Dark Sorcerers card game

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