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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Without tail or head, resolve the insolvent.

Sometimes we have the impression that certain things cannot be solved. And yet, there is often a solution to be found or an alternative that offers a good compromise.

At the moment we can feel overwhelmed, which is completely normal, then by thinking about it with a clear head, find the beginnings of solutions.

I have already had to end partnerships because the relationship was no longer professional on the applicant's side.

I can make concessions and adjustments to best suit what a partner is asking of me, but as the expression goes “when respect is no longer served, you have to know how to leave the table”…

So I went to sit at other tables, much more welcoming, who see on a daily basis my investment in our partnerships and do not listen to defamatory rumors...

And then there are also these partnerships which stop, due to lack of time, but which are added to other partnerships or become your references without you having to ask. :)

Thank you to all these people who showed me that even in partnerships, mutual respect is necessary to work on healthy foundations and that in the end actions speak more than words...

And above all, thank you to all my partners who make the everyday life of the gaming world a magical moment!

I am very happy that our partnerships continue and allow us to contribute to the development of the board game world in Vaison and its surroundings!

Difficulties shape us much more than when everything works the first time. So thank you all for these daily experiences. :)

Good day and good game ;)



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