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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Mars 2020, the covid…

Just out of the Cannes International Games Festival in 2020, I did not imagine (like many other traders) the impact that Covid-19 would have on my business...

Barely a month after a completely normal game festival, we are forced to close our stores, because they are not essential...

We did not know then what this thing was and the impact it would have on health mainly and then on the health of our businesses.

Closed to customers but open for withdrawal in front of the store, I made a very risky choice at this time hoping to find you there!

I have chosen to stop deliveries and only rely on Click and Collect so as not to risk the health of my deliverers to begin with, nor that of my remote customers.

And you did something just awesome for the store: you stuck with the store and quickly showed your support via Click and Collect!

Thank you for your enthusiasm for the world of board games despite these uncertain times.

And above all, thank you for trusting me and for continuing to trust me on a daily basis!

I have a thought for the female and male colleagues who have been forced to close their shops, as well as all the businesses affected.

A positive thing resulting from this crisis, is a better daily organization of my work and a better balance between professional and personal lives.

Because even if some will not understand that I give opening hours to also have a personal life, you are a large majority to understand that this balance is necessary in our lives.

And yes, I often opened longer and rendered services before that to "troubleshoot"... But when the troubleshooting does not allow you to do anything other than work, you have to say stop.

If this upsets some, then on good terms, so be it...

My customers and loyal players know that this does not impact my involvement with them on a daily basis.

Because if I can't balance my personal time equally with my professional time then I won't be able to share my passion for board games with you in the best possible way!

Good day and good game ;)



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