Words from customers!



Words from customers.

Hello everyone !

Here you will find out what our customers say about us, because your word defines us much better than ours :)

Thank you all for your opinions and comments which allow us to improve on a daily basis.

Have a good reading, have a good day and have a good game ;)

Avisclient27 03 2024

Customer :

“A very good establishment which exudes sympathy, with a manager who really goes out of her way to satisfy her customers as best as possible. I have rarely seen a follow-up like that offered by Joue le Jeu. I highly recommend it. Many thanks again to you! »

Store :

“Thank you very much for this nice note and this very kind comment. I am satisfied that my services are useful to you on a daily basis and that you can play the game whenever you want. See you soon in store and in the meantime enjoy your game.”


Avis2024 1


“Nice store and a very good person. Come buy here rather than online. Small businesses need your help. I come there to send my packages and the lady has always helped. »


“Thank you very much for your rating and your very kind review. It’s always a shared pleasure to be able to discuss and offer you games that suit you. See you soon at the store. Playfully. Play the Vaison Game. »

Avis2024 2

“I've collected packages several times...with a lot of sympathy on your part, especially since you don't ask me for my ID card even though it is mandatory to collect packages. »
“Hello and thank you for your rating and review. I am happy that you find the parcel service useful. Yes, when I meet you later I don't necessarily ask you for your identity card, because I know it's you. Thank you again for your time and your opinion and see you soon at the store. Playfully. Play the Vaison Game. »


Commentaire 18 08 23

"- I am very surprised by the unjustified comment of "Lolita Limpika" (State official.. Lol!) surely someone embittered who needed to spit her venom on the manager of the store who is a lovely, helpful person, respectful, professional and who will never deserve this kind of comment! Good continuation and see you soon, with pleasure!!

-  Thank you very much for your note and your very nice comment. :) It's nice to see kind and respectful people like you on a daily basis. Again, I'm lucky to have a golden clientele ;). Thank you and you are always welcome to the shop! See you soon and thank you again. You are adorable too ;)"


"- Well-deserved 5 stars! At each of my visits, I appreciate a shopkeeper who is caring, smiling, available for all her customers, dedicated, without reservation! It is thanks to the "relais colis" that I discovered this small shop which offers treasures of games, for young and old. The attentive welcome is always there, thank you. Visited 08/12/2023

- Hello again Madame and thank you again for your kindness on a daily basis. It's always a pleasure to see lovely customers like you contributing to an enjoyable and rewarding life in the trade. :) I realize once again that I have a golden clientele, rich in human values ​​that always warm my heart, and that's priceless! Thank you and see you soon at the store. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison ;) "


"- Always a pleasure to come to this store. Thank you for your always smiling and very friendly welcome.

- Thank you also for your kindness at each visit to the store. :)
You are always welcome.
See you soon. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison."


(5 stars review) "Thank you so much Misses :) "


"-Very friendly person. No problem.

- Thank you so much, it's very kind. See you soon at the store."


"Very nice shop full of games and toys."

"Thank you so much for your recommandation and notation."


"Great welcome, a very good shop!"

  "Hello Madam and thank you very much for your note and your comment.

Glad you were satisfied with your visit to the store. Playfully. Joue le Jeu Vaison."



“- Little visit in holiday mode to the Joue le Jeu Vaison shop this afternoon ;)  Thanks for the welcome and advice :]

-Thank you for your visit and our always welcome playful conversations. You know where to find us when you pass by :) Have a nice holiday and above all have a good game ;)”


“-Today, visit the very nice Joue le Jeu Vaison shop in Vaison la Romaine ;)

 -Thank you for the comment, it's nice of you. You are welcome again whenever the opportunity arises :)”

Ac0222 1

"A shop to visit in Vaison la Romaine.

Very nice board game shop, choice, top advice, great prices cheaper than the Internet.

Really I recommend.

Positive points: price, quality, service, welcome, choice, Vaison town centre.

Cons: Nothing to report."


“Great, you are on top! Yes the second will give her great pleasure!

Thank you again, we are lucky to have you in Vaison! "


"Of course it's the elves! Who else… ? ;)

It's great to still have traders who enjoy doing what you do, advice, time spent researching is super important.

And for us, customers of the "all-Amazon" era, it's finding the stores of when we were kids. "


"Perfect... Great. Not bad."

"A very nice shop, I recommend, choice, price, advice, the best in Vaison"


"I'm used to ordering from them because you get the code quickly, the price is very competitive and most importantly the service is very good. "

“I know them as the first vanagloria card distributor. Which is already great. I'm curious what they have to offer. "

“Very good entertainment. Their service is really top notch. They are super attentive and meet our needs. "

“They offer the best selection of board games anywhere in France. It really is a benchmark for those in the know. "


“During this confinement, my children spend their time playing games. I placed an order on the site and received the package on time. I am impressed with the speed of the delivery service. "

“I find this store great. There are a lot of choices for games. The price remains attractive and the delivery service is impeccable. See you soon. "


“I recommend it is worth the trip. Choice, prices, lots of board games, great advice, this shop is worth the detour. And top, lots of advice in addition to photocopying services, parcel relay point, cyberspace I recommend. "

“Very good board game store. There are games for almost all ages and the saleswoman is very nice. She listens to us and gives us good advice. Small practical thing, it offers computers if you need to check your emails and you can print documents and make copies. We can also receive packages there. Thank you again for your patience with my undecided teens and for your smile and your precious advice. We will be back again very soon. "


“Very nice shop and welcoming saleswoman. 1st purchase today and certainly not the last. "

“Chance has done its job well !!!!!! What if it is not that we must stop there !!!!! Afterwards, allow time, because you know when you are going home but not really when you are going out. Indeed, we can watch, ask for advice, but also test games !!!! In short, it is paradise for lovers of games of all kinds !!!! "


"Visiting for the holidays, and having forgotten our games, what a pleasure to have found your store. Great advice and a top boss. And great discovery for us of the game Mars Attack in dice game version. Go ahead without hesitation, the boss knows what she's talking about. "

 "Hello, and thank you for leaving a recommendation. Delighted that you and us liked the Mars Attack dice version. Thank you very much for your kind advice and I am satisfied that my advice as a patron and board game enthusiast has been useful to you. Don't hesitate to come back for new fun discoveries and a good game. "

 “If we come back to Vaison, it will be with pleasure. "

 " Thanks again."


“Lots of choice, wise advice, the manager is very friendly and welcoming. Games you won't find in the supermarket! "

 “Hello Madam, thank you very much for your recommendation which makes us happy. Your satisfaction makes us happy. See you soon at the store. "

 " Yes, see you soon !"

Wordsfromcustomers8“A top store, excellent advice and a great choice. Very handy when you have run out of gift ideas for young and old. "

 "Thank you for your recommendation, did the games like it? "

 “Yes both were very much appreciated, thank you again. "

 “Thank you to you and happy that the gifts were liked. "


"Lots of choices, at all prices, very original games, I love it! "

“Thank you very much for your recommendation, your opinion is very important to us. See you soon at Joue le Jeu and happy holidays to you. "

" Thanks to you too. "

" Thank you very much. "


“Small board game shop in Vaison la Romaine. Very pleasant and outgoing saleswoman, especially since she comes from the west like my partner and I. We received wonderful advice, all in a good mood. If you are looking for a new game, I recommend its store, good atmosphere guaranteed! Thanks again for your good mood! Sincerely, your August 13, 2021 customers for the 4 games and the Yu-gi-oh! "  

" Hello to you. Thank you very much for your rating and your very pleasant comment :). And yes from the West and from the canton of Vaud at the same time :). Thank you for our exchanges and I hope you are fully satisfied with the games you have purchased :). Glad that your experience in the store was as pleasant as it was for us :). Thank you too for your kindness and you will always be welcome. Ludically and in a friendly manner. ;)"


“We were on vacation in Vaison. We don't know much about games. We were looking for a game with easy rules that could be of interest to adults and teens. We were very well advised and very very well received. Really a cool store. "

“Hello Sir, delighted that your experience in our store has satisfied you and your family. Thank you for your rating and your pleasant comment. We are happy to have helped share our passion for play with you :). "


"Very nice store, great advice, full of services, choice of games that are out of the ordinary ++++. "

“Hello and thank you for your rating and your review. Delighted that the services were useful to you and that you found the ideal game for your godchild. Please come back and see us if you need any advice, we are happy to help. Have a good day and have a good game;) Ludically. "

"Superb store which, however, from the outside does not look very attractive. Lots of choices for board games, attractive prices and a really great welcome !!!! I will come back with people (when possible) for sure! Thank you "

 “Hello Madam and thank you very much for your rating and your comment :). We are delighted that your experience in our store went very well and thank you again for your positive feedback. :) We wish you a happy New Year's Eve and have a good game;) "


“Discovery of this store via Vaison! I couldn't not leave a comment. The store offers a lot of products for young and old, from classic games to more specific games. Lots of great discoveries thanks to a attentive and passionate saleswoman. We left with excellent games that we discovered in the evening on our way home! The prices are absolutely correct and the advice adapted to everyone. Even our children were able to ask questions of the saleswoman and she listened to them well and answered them with patience. Thank you for your welcome, we will be back very soon for the little one's birthday. Only regret, we will not be able to attend the animations for the moment (given the context, you are quite right to be reasonable), but we will be the first registered as soon as they resume! Thanks again and see you very soon. "

" Hello Miss. To begin with, thank you for your rating and very positive comment. We are happy that your experience in the store went well. Thanks for the seller, it's always nice to discuss games with other enthusiasts :). If you have any other special requests, please let us know, we'll see what we can do ... We will be very happy to welcome you to the events when the context is more favorable. We are also sad not to be able to share this play time anymore :). Thank you for your time and for your kindness. See you soon at the store and above all have a good game;) ”


“Well-stocked store. Board games for all ages, young and old. The owner is also very nice, it does not spoil the fun. "

"Good evening to you and thank you for taking the time to rate and review your experience in our store. And thank you for the clarification on the welcome, it's nice. Please do not hesitate to come back for games and / or services, we will be happy to answer you. Have a good evening. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison "

Wordsofcustomers15"I love the boss is on top. Always attentive to what you want, and very kind. "

“Hello, thank you very much for your rating and your review. It is always nice to chat every time you come :) See you soon;). "


“A store rich in choice with very affordable prices, there is something for all budgets. The owner is very available for advice and very attentive. She is also very generous, to her credit she made very large donations for a raffle for the children of Vaison-la-Romaine. We thank her very much and we highly recommend her. "

“Hello, thank you very much for your comment. We hope they will enjoy the prizes for the children and that the raffle will go well. Seeing the smiles of children (young and old alike) is something very precious. If your experience in our store went well, we are delighted. Good luck with the raffle and good game. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison ;) »


“Following a visit to Vaison la Romaine, I stopped in this shop in the city center of Vaison with a very large choice of board games, great prices and great advice and lots of services. I needed to print train tickets, it was very convenient and fast. I recommend this store in Vaison la Romaine. "

 “Hello sir and thank you for your comment. We are delighted that you have been satisfied with your store experience. Come back and see us to find the perfect game for your little ones. Have a good trip and have a safe journey back. Thanks again and see you very soon. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison. »


“Warm welcome, I'm going there to receive packages. The person who runs the shop is very friendly and smiling. Why not buy something there one day;) »

“Hello and thank you for your rating and comment. We are happy to see that you have been well received and that the parcel service is as efficient as the other services. Thank you for the nice little note and see you soon. Playfully. Joue le Jeu Vaison ;) »

“Very nice shop with a lot of choice, great advice, top-notch welcome, lots of very varied games, board, cards… For young and old. Internet and photocopying services and even parcel relay, in short the best, I recommend +++++ "

“Hello and thank you very much for your comment. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority :) »  


" Very nice store !! Beautiful place which has celebrated its 1 year already. "

 “Hello and thank you very much for your opinion, which makes us very happy. Come back when you want to visit us :) »


 "Fair prices and very kind cashier"

“Hello, thank you very much for your comment. We are glad that your experience in our store went well. Please don't hesitate to come and visit us again. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison. »


“Sorry, I didn't have time to write something about your store in March. Good and great variety of games. The hours of play are also good for children, adolescents and adults. Pleasant and passionate manager. See you soon. Thanks again. "

"Hello and thank you for your rating and comment, that means a lot to us :) Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything. It was a pleasure to see the children and teens having so much fun during our play time. See you soon and don't hesitate if you want another game night. :) "


" ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ note"

“Hello Madam, thank you for your note. Please let us know if your visit to the store, your experience would not have been as you hoped it would be. Good luck to you. Thank you. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison. "

" ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ note" "Thank you for your note and see you soon :)"


" ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ note" “Hello Madam, thank you for your note. Do not hesitate to come and see the store and see our new products live. All the best. Ludically. Joue le Jeu Vaison »

"⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ note"

 “Hello and thank you for your rating :). "


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