What's DeliVasio?


What is DeliVasio?

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DeliVasio is a delivery service around Vaison offered by two people from Vaison.

Do you want to order one or more games, do you live near Vaison and you want to have it delivered to your home?

It is now possible from 4.99 euros thanks to the DeliVasio service ...

To have it delivered to your home by Delivasio, select the option "DeliVasio, local delivery <10 or <20" during your purchase (s) on our site and you're done.

The zone map is available at the bottom of this page to be sure which option to choose (thanks for them :)).

Delivery guaranteed during the day :)

If you can't come to the store, the store will come to you;)

Good day and good game ;)

To discover the DeliVasio service, it's here:





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