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Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Kingdom of sand: playful shifting sands

The playful world is always on the move despite the challenges encountered along the way…

In this kingdom where there are many fun nuggets, there is bound to be a game so that you can have a good time with family or friends...

The world of board games has been evolving for several years towards original and always innovative forms.

Whether you are looking for more of a moment of relaxation or a game with complex mechanics to build your strategy, you will find this at the heart of board games.

I like to play quite quietly like with games like Splendor, Butine or Hive.

But I also like to play in a more advanced way like with games like Roll for the Galaxy, Terra Formas or Packet Row.

I like to play quick or longer games depending on the time I have and what I feel like at the moment.

I am very happy to be able to share this passion with you and your loved ones!

I will continue on my small scale as an independent store to bring you closer to the playful world with passion and enthusiasm.

Because once you start playing, you get a taste for it and you want more ;)

Thank you for contributing, thanks to the diversity of your tastes for games, to the development of ever more choices within the gaming world.

The gaming world is moving forward thanks to us, to you and all the players who offer us their games, distribute them and make them known!

Thank you to the playful world for always providing us with more surprises and discoveries, keep it up, we love it. ;)

Good day and good game ;)



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