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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new opus of “JJV Offs”!

Captain’s war: always on deck in good times and bad.

In everyday life, there are good times and bad times, business is no exception.

In almost 6 years of existence, I have been affected by Covid, inflation and slander.

Covid has allowed me better daily organization and a better balance between professional and personal lives.

The inflation of offering an even more scalable and varied range of games, to adapt even better to you who have been with me since the beginning or joined me along the way.

And the backbiting armored me as a trader from a large family of Vaisonnais traders had advised me. Thank you :)

I am still very lucky to have this ability to know how to absorb everything that is negative in order to ultimately be able to draw something positive from it. And that’s a real chance!

I am not and will never be stopped by the bad elements that confront me, quite the contrary; they are all the more important drivers of evolution and readjustment.

In almost 6 years of existence, I have been delighted to develop an entertainment offering that suits you, to offer you special games and to grow and expand the store.

The lively moments that I share with you all delight me as much as each other, because you are all unique and that’s great. Thank you for these moments. ;)

The classics and well-known games are excellent, but I like to introduce you to lesser-known fun nuggets, thank you for trusting me and playing the game. ;)

Since June 2018, I have evolved a lot and made the store evolve. I am proud of what I offer you on a daily basis, even if I must admit that I sacrifice myself to test games... I do it with pleasure as a curious serial gamer and even more for you, to be able to present them to you or make them play ;)

I have always been on deck to bring my modest chest of playful treasures and I will continue to be there through thick and thin by holding the helm firmly!

My primary goal is and will always remain: to share with you my passion for board games.

Good day and good game ;)



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