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Here, discover games related to the themes offered in store throughout the year, news from the store and the world of board games.

For our themed games, do not hesitate to participate by comments, they are free and sometimes we can receive surprises.

Good discovery and good game;)

  • Mister and Misses

    Hello everyone !

     Today Mr and Mrs Terz have a daughter, what do they call her?

    Last week Mr. and Mrs. Arena had a son named Time, Time Arena.

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Don't be afraid to play the Halloween game!

    Hello everyone !

    As Halloween approaches, we invite you to play with us to win some surprises!

    From Thursday 21 to Game 28 October, answer the three questions of the day in comments for each post and score as many points as possible until the end of the game to try to win one of the three surprises in the game!

    We will post a question morning, noon and evening every day for the duration of the game and will take your answers into account in comments for the counting of points.

    The first three will win a surprise in the order indicated of the surprises to be won, you are free to play it or give it to someone around you;)

    In the event of a tie, a draw will be made to decide between the winners.

    The answers to the questions and the three winners will be announced on Friday, October 29.

    You can therefore comment on the questions from the previous days at any time of the week to earn additional points;)

    All day Friday October 29 and Saturday October 30 (morning only), come with your children in disguise and a surprise will be offered to them;)

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Shabadabada, wanna sing?

    Hello everyone ! Did your weekend go well?

     Today we're going to sing along with the word "fortress".

    I will sing "Now that I've built a fortress I'll never be the same ”and you?

     Good day and good game ;)

  • JJV's Offs

    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

    In addition to the Christmas Enchanted Games workshops, we offer children manual workshops where they can come and create Christmas decorations to take home.

    These moments of creation and exchange are a way of showing children that they can create a Christmas decoration that looks like them ...

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Play with thought

    Hello everyone !

    Today we are going to talk about the expression "for intérieur".

    In the Middle Ages, the word took on the technical meaning of jurisdiction and especially ecclesiastical jurisdiction (powers of the Church, in matters of justice, and their extent.)

    A distinction was made between the « for intérieur » (the Church could sanction faults committed through confession and penances), and the « for extérieur » (all matters relating to religion, directly or indirectly, were judged by ecclesiastical courts).

     The distinction gradually changed meaning over the centuries: internal forum being our conscience which judges us, the external forum, institutions, judges and courts.

    Good day and good game ;)

  • 2 words game

    Hello everyone !

     Today we're going to talk about Time Arena!

    Through relentless wars for its control, the Time Lords endangered the source of immortality.

    To avoid its drying up and their own demise, they created the Arena of Time: a sacred place where they fight, summoning the spirits of warriors from ancient times or from distant galaxies.

     Those who manage to dominate time and destroy the opposing Totem obtain the right to access the source and thus ensure the lineage of the Time Lords.

    Time Arena is a showdown game for two players or two teams.

    You control four fighters, and your objective is to destroy your opponents' Totem Pole - but time is running out and you only have five minutes ...

    When the stopwatch indicates "0", you lose the game!

     In more detail, players take turns performing their team's actions, after which the other player's (or team's) turn begins.

    Each player has five minutes, which they can use as they wish throughout the game.

    At the start of the game, the first player triggers the arena clock, which counts their time. 

    When they decide their turn is over for whatever reason, they skip the game by pressing the arena clock.

     This ends both their countdown and begins the opponent's countdown. 

    You will also have to deal with another factor of time since each of the characters forming your team has a specific cooldown. 

    When a character is destroyed in the Arena of Time, their hourglass is flipped and the character returns to play after all the sand is used up.

    Good day and good game ;)


  • Deadlines, the ideal game for Halloween!

    Hello everyone !

    This month, for halloween, we are going to explain an additional game to you and that game will be Deadlines!

    Deadlines is a game of both atmosphere and general culture, to play with family or friends!

    Overall, you will have to classify known characters according to their date of birth, length of life, and date of death.

    Concretely, how do you play it?

    Already, you have to be between 1 and 10, and be over 12 years old (otherwise it's less interesting).

    You will have to place the three cards "date of birth", "length of life", and "date of death" below the three piles that you have previously formed with the remaining 200 cards.

    Place a personality card below the first three cards.

    From this point on, the players take their turn as follows:

    - Choose one of the cards that is on the three piles.

    -Choose one of the three columns (date of birth, for example).

    Take the card, without turning it over, and put it in the right place in the selected column, before, after, or between the cards already placed. When turning the card over, there are two scenarios.

    Either the card is well placed, in which case it stays in the column and increases the difficulty of the game, or it is not well placed.

    In this second case, the player who placed it gets it back in hand. It is a mistake.

    The game ends when twelve cards have been placed in each of the three columns. Some cards, those written on a black background, allow you to perform two new actions.

    If you choose such a card, in addition to correctly placing the personality, you can try to guess the circumstances of his death.

    If you get close, you can then either: Discard one of your mistakes or give one of the cards of your choice from one of the draw piles to another player to inflict the penalty.

    To discover the brief explanation of Deadlines in video, it's here:

    You can even test your knowledge here, with the Deadlines quiz:

    Have a good discovery, have a good day and have a good game;)

  • Which game will succeed Golden Ace 2021: Micro Macro?

    Hello everyone !

    The Cannes International Games Festival is fast approaching and we can't wait to be there :)

    We can't wait for the 2022 game selection to see who will succeed the 2021 Ace of Gold, Micro Macro!

    Who will be the successors of Dragomino for the children category and of The Crew for the expert category?

    Until we get there, here is an explanation of what the Golden Ace is and the award-winning categories.

    Since 1988, the festival's jury, made up of journalists and professionals, has awarded the Ace of Gold - Game of the Year label, which rewards the best games published during the past year.

    The jury awards three different prizes:

    -The Golden Ace - Game of the Year rewards a game that is original in its mechanics as well as in its aesthetics. It is attributed to a family game, accessible to the greatest number;

    - The Golden Ace - Game of the Year "Child" highlights a game that appeals to younger people but also appeals to their parents;

    -The Ace of Gold - "Expert" Game of the Year rewards a more complex game aimed at an "expert" audience who appreciates thinking and isn't afraid to read a few pages of the rules.

    Among the approximately 1,000 games published each year, the festival jury selects nine games, three in each category, striving to ensure that its selection is accessible to all ages and all tastes.

    Quality, creativity, diversity, flawless mechanics and rules are the most important criteria, as well as the pleasure of playing and the desire to play again.

    Here you know everything;) Have a good day and have a good game;)

  • Tell me charades!

    Hello everyone ! 

    My 1st is a duration. 

    My 2nd is a display of things. 

    My 3rd is the slang for "no". 

    My everything is a fighting game where heroes are taken by the time, am I? 

    Good day and good game ;)


  • Store closure for outside animation

    Hello everyone!

    The store will be closed from 2:00 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. for outdoor entertainment.

    See you soon and have a good game;)

  • Did you know?

    Hello everyone !

     Our classic pastries are much older than you think!

    A custard, do you like it? or an apple pie?

    These are modern pastries, aren't they? Well no !

     First, in the Middle Ages the separation between sweet and savory in the order of dishes did not exist!

    This practice is more recent and dates from the 17th century!

    In medieval times, a "dessert" corresponded to the third or fourth course, but could be sweet or savory.

    But the sweet taste developed in the Middle Ages from the 15th century thanks to the cultivation of sugar cane.

     This is how our current desserts find their origins.

    Yes, the flan, the pie, the waffles that we called "the forgotten ones" and many other desserts were already delighting the taste buds of good ladies and beautiful young ladies!

     And, the use of spices in baking as in medieval cooking was very common. 

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Pass for the IGF of Cannes 2022 done!

    Hello everyone!

    That's it our badge for the IGF 2022 is done! :) Y

    ou will be able to meet us on the shelves of the Cannes International Games Festival in February 2022! :)

    Ultimate fun meeting in sight and in the meantime we meet every day at the store and in outdoor activities with great shared pleasure;)

    Have a good day and above all have a good game;)