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On 10/07/2024

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Impressive athletes!

Some athletes have impressed the world by winning countless medals.

The most decorated athlete, Winter and Summer Games combined, is none other than the swimmer Michael Phelps for the United States, he won between 2004 and 2016 no less than 28 medals including 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

The second most decorated athlete of the games, Larissa Latynina, represented the Soviet Union between 1956 and 1964. She won 18 medals in artistic gymnastics including 9 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze, an extraordinary performance.

It is the Finnish Paavo Nurmi who holds the title of third athlete with the most medals of the Games. His favorite discipline is none other than athletics, and he won 12 Olympic medals between 1920 and 1928. His record? 9 gold medals and 3 silver!

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On 03/07/2024

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The Olympics that make history!

Certain editions of the Olympic Games have therefore marked history and greatly changed them.

 If women were excluded from the Games in 1896 because it went against the general ideology but also against that of Pierre de Coubertin, initiator of the modern Games, they still participated in the Olympic Games in 1900 without having been invited.

The women present were able to compete in tennis and golf events.

It was on this occasion that two of the first women to participate in the Olympic Games in 1900 won two gold medals: Charlotte Cooper won the title of Olympic tennis champion and Margaret Abbott that of Olympic golf champion.

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On 26/06/2024

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The games are open to all!

The rules for participating in the Olympic Games have evolved significantly.

Originally, only amateur athletes were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games: participation was prohibited for professional athletes.

 Professional athletes were only allowed to participate in the Olympic Games from 1981.

Women have also been banned from participating in the Olympic Games in the past: they were in fact excluded from the 1896 Games.

They only had the right to participate officially from 1900, but not in all events.

However, since 2007, the Olympic charter has required the presence of women in all sports.

The evolution of the Olympic Games also led to the appearance of the Paralympic Games in 1960 and the creation of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, reserved for athletes aged 15 to 18.

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On 19/06/2024

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From ancient Greek games to modern Olympic games!

The concept of the Olympic Games initially appeared in Ancient Greece.

At the time, the Olympic competitions were made up of gymnastics events (running, javelin throwing, shot put, wrestling, pentathlon, etc.) but also horse racing events (chariot races).

Today, more modern disciplines are represented.

A total of 45 disciplines were to be represented at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 for a total of 339 events!

The first modern Summer Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Greece, in Athens, and the first Winter Olympic Games took place in France, in Chamonix, in 1924.

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On 12/06/2024

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The first Olympic games

The first Olympic Games were organized in the 8th century BC, in Olympia, Greece.

 They took place every four years for 12 centuries.

Then, in the 4th century AD, all pagan festivals having been banned by Emperor Theodore I, the Olympic Games disappeared.

However, the sporting tradition was resurrected, around 1,500 years later, during the first modern Olympic Games, which took place in Greece in 1896.

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On 05/06/2024

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The Olympic flag

The Olympic flag, designed in 1913 by Pierre de Coubertin, is one of the symbols of the modern Olympic Games, consisting of a flag formed by five rings of different colors (blue, yellow, black, green and red), intertwined on a background white, in order to represent the universality of Olympism.

The five intertwined rings represent the five continents united by Olympism, and the six colors (counting white in the background) represent all nations, as at least one of these colors was present in each country's flag , at the time of its creation in 1913.

This flag is the symbol of the universality of the Olympic spirit.

The current interpretation associates a continent with each color of the rings: green represents Oceania, black Africa, yellow Asia, blue Europe and red America.

 It is refuted by the International Olympic Committee which associates the colors of the rings with the colors of the flags found on the five continents.

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29 05oasis huacachina

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On 29/05/2024

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Huacachina Oasis (Peru)

Huacachina is a village located in the region and province of Ica, Peru, near the city of Ica.

 In 1999, its population was 115 inhabitants. The village is built around a small lake, making it the second oasis on the continent (after that of the Chilean village of San Pedro de Atacama).

Legend has it that the oasis was born when a beautiful native princess took refuge there to escape a hunter.

Vegetation would then have developed as soon as it came into contact with water, the origin of the dunes being explained by the fold marks left by the princess's coat.

Rumors continue today to maintain the story according to which the young woman became a mermaid, who still swims in the waters of the lake.

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*Photo by Charles Gadbois.

22 05the beach at north seymour island in the galapagos

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Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago and province of Ecuador located in the northeast of the South Pacific Ocean, at the latitude of the equator.

The Galapagos Islands are also called the “Columbus Archipelago”. Unofficially, they are also called “the Enchanted”.

“Islas de los Galápagos” means “Islands of the Sea Turtles”.

Among the 48 eminences that form the Galapagos archipelago only 19 of them are islands. The remaining 29 are uninhabited islets, with all the local population concentrated on the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Isabela and Floreana.

The interior of the islands is, due to its volcanic formation, quite mountainous; moreover, it is the craters which represent the highest points of the islands, which can reach up to 1,707 m (Wolf volcano).

The oldest island, San Cristóbal, only reaches an altitude of 730 meters compared to 1,476 meters for the island of Fernandina, one of the most recent.

The Galapagos Islands are depicted in the Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon.

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*Photo by David Adam Kess.

15 05cano cristales jacuzzis naturales de colores 01

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Caño Cristales (Colombia)

The Caño Cristales “the stream of crystals” is a river in Colombia, a tributary of the Guayabero River, located in the Serrenia de la Macarena.

The Caño Cristales is commonly known as the “river of five colors” or “the most beautiful river in the world”. It owes this nickname to the plants which, from September to November, give it a green, red and yellow color.

The geological formations of the Caño Cristales River, with sediments and rocks approximately 1.2 billion years old, combined with the abundance of aquatic plants create a unique color.

The Caño Cristales is a torrential river with many waterfalls and rapids.

At several points of its bed we find natural cavities called "devil's pots" formed by the impact of pebbles carried by the current against relatively less hard parts of the bottom.

Once these pebbles fall into one of these cavities, they gradually widen it by spinning driven by the current and banging against its walls.

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*Photo by Mario Carvajal.

08 05village gran roque

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On 08/05/2024

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Los Roques Archipelago (Venezuela)

The Los Roques Archipelago is a federal dependency of Venezuela consisting of approximately 350 islands, cays or islets located approximately 130 km off the Venezuelan coast.

Gran Roque, the main island, is located in the north of the archipelago, 146 km from the small town of Naiguata, on the Venezuelan coast.

This island complex has a population of 1,500 inhabitants.

Due to the presence of a wide variety of seabirds and a very rich aquatic fauna, the government transformed the archipelago into a national park in 1972. It is the Los Roques Archipelago National Park.

The main island is Gran Roque (the big Roc), the only inhabited island and where the airport is located.

Other important islands are Francisqui, Nordisqui and Madrisqui y Crasqui. The archipelago was recognized as a Ramsar site on September 4, 1996.

These islands receive around 58,000 visitors per year, mainly for the day from Caracas.

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*Photo by Berrucommons.

01 05salaruyuni

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Uyuni Salar (Bolivia)

The Uyuni Salar is a salt flat located in the highlands of southwestern Bolivia. It is near the town of Uyuni, from which it takes its name.

This expanse of salt is located at an altitude of 3,658 meters. With an area of ​​10,582 km, it constitutes the largest salt desert in the world and represents half of the planet's exploitable lithium reserves. Its dimensions are 150 kilometers by 100.

The disappearance of the prehistoric Lake Tauca, 14,000 years ago, gave birth to the largest salt crust in the world which today covers this salar. As it dried up, it left behind two small lakes still visible, Lake Poopó and Lake Uru Uru, as well as two large salt deserts, the Coipasa salar and the gigantic Uyuni salar.

The thickness of the water rarely exceeds 10 to 15 centimeters. As the salar is flat, it is flooded over its entire surface, making it a gigantic mirror.

 A hotel, located in the center of the lake and built entirely of salt, is a curiosity of the place. The coral island of Incahuasi, covered in candelabra cacti, some of which are 1,200 years old, is isolated in this salty desert.

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*Photo by Shark.

24 04rainbow mountains peru

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Rainbow Mountain (Peru)

Vinicunca, nicknamed the “mountain of seven colors” or “rainbow mountain”, is a mountain in Peru. It peaks at an altitude of 5,200 m. It is located in the Cusco region, in the heart of the Andes.

Originally, Winikunka is the Quechua name for this mountain. Wini is a term used to refer to the black stones, which are very numerous in the region, and kunka means “neck”, and refers to the fineness and smallness of this mountain.

According to the investigation by the Landscape Office of the Directorate of Decentralization of Culture of Cusco, the colorations of the seven-colored mountain are due to its mineralogical composition.

 The pink is attributable to the mixture of red clay, mud and sand. The whitish color results from the mixture of quartz sand and marl rich in calcium carbonate. The red is composed of ferruginous clays and clays belonging to the Neogene. The green is due to the mixture of phyllites and mafic clays. The earthy brown is produced by the conglomerate of magnesian rocks belonging to the Quaternary era. The mustard yellow is attributable to calcareous sandstones rich in sulphide minerals2.

Many indigenous populations live in small hamlets located in these mountains.

The main inhabitants are Quechuas, who are descendants of the Inca populations.

Originally covered in snow, Vinicunca subsequently suffered from global warming and revealed its colors since 2015. It is a landscape highly protected by local populations.

 It is in this landscape that residents breed, particularly llamas, horses and alpacas.

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*Photo by Eliott Bolduc.

17 04 os lencois 1

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 Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (Brazil)
 Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a national park in Brazil located in Maranhão.
The park has an area of 1,550 km and is located in the northeast of Maranhão about 270 km from São Luís. The park includes a set of dunes and interdune lagoons. 
The Lençóis Maranhenses are certainly the natural jewel of North East Brazil, if not the entire country. 
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry would certainly have chosen this “desert” for the meeting between the aviator and the Little Prince… 
This marvelous white sand desert extends over nearly 155,000 hectares, an infinite and changing landscape of pristine dunes whose particularity is to offer a multitude of freshwater lagoons more than half the year. 
With an average temperature close to 30°C throughout the year, this dune landscape suggests an arid environment, subject to a desert climate.
 The rainfall is high, close to that of the Amazon forest, between 1400 mm and 1700 mm of precipitation per year and the rainy season mainly extends from December to April.
 During this period, water accumulates in the hollows of the dunes and creates a multitude of miraculous lagoons. 
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*Photo by Joao Lara Mesquita.

06 03perito moreno glacier patagonia argentina luca galuzzi 2005

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Iguazu Falls (Argentina)

Iguazú Falls comes from the guarani: y (“water”) and guasu (“great”), literally “the great waters”.

Located in the middle of the tropical forest, on the border between Argentina (80%) and Brazil (20%), national parks have been created.

This set of 275 waterfalls forming a front of approximately three kilometers. All of the waterfalls discharge up to six million liters of water per second.

Due to the drought affecting southern Brazil during the summer of 2021, the volume of water in Iguazú Falls is reduced by 80% compared to normal.

The highest of them, the Garganta del Diablo reaches 80 m in height.

They are among the most impressive in the world.

They were the scene of films such as Furia in Bahia for OSS 117 (1965), Moonraker, film from the James Bond series (1979), Miami Vice: Two Cops in Miami (2006), One Day on Earth (2007), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), OSS 117: Rio No Longer Responds (2009) or even Black Panther by Ryan Coogler (2018).

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*Photo by Reinhard Jahn

03 04licancabur from moon valley

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Atacama Desert (Chile)

Blocked between the ocean trench and the Andes mountain range, the Atacama Desert is known to be one of the driest regions on Earth.

Certain areas can in fact be completely deprived of precipitation for more than 50 years.

This natural barrier is made up of active volcanoes reaching 6,000 meters, surrounded by turquoise lagoons, geysers and deep valleys.

 The Atacama Desert is renowned for its starry nights due to its location in the intertropical zone, combining extreme drought, altitude and very little light pollution.

Several international astronomical observatories have been established in this “extraterrestrial” desert where NASA tested small vehicles before they went to explore Mars.

The four-wheeled robot called Zoë found colonies of bacteria and lichens on two distinct sites in this desert, which nevertheless has the lowest density of organic activity on Earth.

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*Photo by Naxsquire.

27 03roraima3 79

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Mount Roraima (Venezuela)

Mount Roraima is a mountain in South America shared between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.

Discovered and explored late in the 19th century, Mount Roraima was not climbed until 1884 by a British expedition.

An account of one of these expeditions largely inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write his adventure novel The Lost World in 1912.

Its highlight is the Maverick Stone. Inside the plateau there are numerous caves and chasms.

The watercourses which run through the plateau and which do not escape directly in the form of waterfalls end up disappearing into the rock through the network of caves

This water which flows from Mount Roraima in the form of waterfalls, such as Salto Roraima, or underground gives rise to numerous streams at its feet, some temporary, others permanent.

To the east of the mountain is the source of the Rio Cotingo, a river flowing into Brazil and a sub-tributary of the Amazon.

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*Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi.

20 03machu picchu peru 2015 07 30 dd 47

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Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city from the 15th century in Peru. The 172 buildings extend approximately 530 meters long and 200 meters wide.

At 2,438 meters above sea level, the ruins straddle the ridge between two peaks: Huayna Picchu, meaning “young mountain” and Machu Picchu, meaning “old mountain” in Quechua.

A masterpiece of Inca architecture, it was abandoned before its construction was completed during the collapse of the Inca Empire. A sacred city forgotten for centuries, the site is said to have hosted the emperor Pachacútec.

It is Huayna Picchu which overlooks the site and which can be seen in most photographs of the city.

Around Huayna Picchu and on both sides of the city flows the Vilcanota-Urubamba river which describes a large arc below a 600 meter cliff.

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*Photo by Diego Delso.

13 03torres del paine

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Torres del Paine National Park (Chile)

Torres del Paine National Park is a national park in Chile located between the Andes mountain range and the Patagonian steppe.

Between 3.5 million years ago and 14,000 years ago, glaciations shaped the landscape to remove the upper layers of rock and give the park its current appearance.

Covering an area of ​​181,414 hectares, its main function is the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic diversity of the Paine massif.

Its surface is characterized by its landscape heterogeneity, where mountains, glaciers, valleys, ponds and large lakes converge.

It takes its name from three emblematic granite formations of the del Paine massif: the Torres (Towers) del Paine.

12 million years ago, in the Miocene, the northward movement of the boundary between the Antarctic plate and the Nazca plate caused the intrusion of a 10 km by 20 km laccolith with a thickness of 2,000 mr.

This intrusion created the heart of the Paine massif. The territory also has some small, older intrusions dating from 29 million years ago.

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*Photo by John Spooner.

06 03perito moreno glacier patagonia argentina luca galuzzi 2005

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Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina)

The Perito Moreno Glacier is a glacier in Argentina located in Los Glaciares National Park in the province of Santa Cruz.

With a surface area of ​​250 km2 and a length of 30 kilometers, it is one of the 48 glaciers fed by the southern Patagonian ice field, in the Andes, which Argentina shares with Chile.

Named in honor of the explorer Francisco Moreno who studied this region in the 19th century and contributed to discussions for the delimitation of the border with Chile.

Its height is 170 meters of which 74 meters are above ground, the rest being under the waters of Lake Argentino.

 It advances about two meters per day (700 meters per year). In some places its thickness reaches 700 meters.

It is located 78 kilometers from El Calafate, in Argentine Patagonia.

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*Photo by Luca Galuzzi.


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Lavandula, fairy of legend.

Another version of the legend says that the Lavandula Fairy wept, not on her drawing, but directly on the Provençal soil, giving birth to the lavender fields.

Once upon a time there was a pretty fairy with blue eyes and blond hair named Lavandula.

She was looking for a place to settle down after a long journey where she had twirled lightly from the Luberon to the Lure mountain, via Ventoux.

She leafed through the pages of her notebook, where she had drawn the places crossed.

She stopped on the page of Haute Provence, whose then arid and wild landscapes were sad.

So sad that Lavandula began to sob and purple tears streamed down her notebook.

Wanting to dry the tears that had smeared her drawing, she passed her hand. In vain.

This intense purple spread all over the page.

In order to repair this error, Lavandula drew a large section of blue sky above this new landscape, to make forget this everywhere widespread mauve.

The lavender fields were born and since then they have been lighting up Provence!

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The Dragon of Mondragon.

The village of Mondragon is Mont Dragon, surmounted by its Château du Dragonnet!

The Drac, a winged, amphibian monster, had the face and shoulders of a young man on a reptile body (as described by Frédéric Mistral) and resided in the Rhône.

He went out regularly to feast on the inhabitants, especially the young girls, terrorizing the population by ransoming them.

Tired of undergoing the incessant assaults of the monster, the lord of the village, Guilhem, launched a desperate appeal.

Anyone who managed to kill the beast would receive his daughter Guillemette in marriage and the lordship of the village as a reward.

One day, a valiant knight, Arnaud, presented himself to take up the challenge.

At the cost of an epic fight, Arnaud brought down the beast, marrying Guillemette and becoming the new lord of the village, renamed Mondragon!

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The Yule log that…poops (Catalonia)

In Catalonia, there is a unique tradition called Tió de Nadal, which vulgarly translates to “Christmas log”.

The hollowed-out log comes with a face, legs, and a little red hat, and starting December 8, families “feed” it every night, filling it with gifts and sweets.

They also put a blanket over the log to keep it warm.

On Christmas Eve, the log is placed in the (unlit) fireplace, and family members take turns hitting it with a stick, ordering it to defecate the gifts and sweets, while singing traditional songs.

After the beating, family members reach under the blanket of the log to retrieve the presents.

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Lucky cobwebs (Ukraine)

Would you feel lucky if you found a spider web on your Christmas tree?

Probably not. But Ukrainians associate cobwebs with good omens.

This legend is actually taken from a popular tale, in which a poor family grew a Christmas tree from a pine cone.

The children were excited to decorate it, but the family could not afford decorations.

Sensing the family's desperation, the spiders spun shimmering webs of silk around the tree, which turned to silver and gold when the sun rose in the morning, leaving the family with a beautifully decorated tree.

Even today, Ukrainian families decorate their trees with cobwebs for good luck.

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On 31/01/2024

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From roller skating to mass (Venezuela)

 While Australians are surfing, Venezuelans are rollerblading. 

This unusual Christmas tradition wants the entire capital of Caracas to go to Christmas mass on rollerblades on Christmas Day.

 In fact, vehicles are banned from many areas of the city before 8 a.m. 

As if this mode of transportation wasn't weird enough, the night before, kids tie one end of a string to their big toe and hang the other end from their bedroom window, so the roller skaters in passage can amicably pull the string on their way to mass the next morning. 

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Beach party (Australia)


Christmas at the balcony, Easter in the grass ?


In the southern hemisphere, it's sunshine at will, since the Christmas holidays take place in summer.


Aussie temperatures can easily hit the 30s at Christmas, which is a natural reason for many Australians to head to the beach.


Families and friends bathe, picnic and play volleyball.


Often, surfer Santa Clauses make an appearance.


Some Sydney beaches, in particular, are known to be favorite spots for foreign travelers and backpackers.


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On 17/01/2024

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Burn the Devil (Guatemala)


Guatemalans are on fire for Christmas. Literally.


December 6 marks La Quema del Diablo ("The Devil's Pyre" in Spanish).


 On this occasion, Guatemalan families light bonfires outside their homes and burn effigies of Satan to cast out evil spirits and celebrate the victory of good over evil.


 It used to be that people would take all the trash out of their homes and set it on fire, and some still do, though the majority stick to burning devil-shaped piñatas.

This celebration is accompanied by the traditional donuts and hot fruit punch, and

it signifies the start of the Christmas season.


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The Song of the Dead Horse (Wales)

You probably know the Christmas carols, but you certainly don't know the carolers that show up on your doorstep in Wales.

In December or January, you may open your door to find someone hidden by a sheet adorned with ribbons and bells, holding a real horse skull on a stick, with a few other revelers by their side.

In this quirky Christmas tradition, called Mari Lwyd (“Grey Mare”), the band will sing for you, then challenge you to a battle of rhyming insults in Welsh (called pwnco).

After the competition, participants are usually invited inside to enjoy refreshments.

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The witch who gives gifts (Italy)

Speaking of witches, do you know the Italian version of Santa Claus?

 It's actually an ugly but kind old witch called La Befana.

According to legend, the Three Magi would have stopped at her house to ask for directions before visiting the Child Jesus.

 They would then have invited Befana to accompany them on their journey, but the witch would have declined the invitation, because of her many household chores to accomplish.

 It was only after they left that she would have changed her mind and tried to find them, in vain.

Since then, she rides her broom each night of January 5 (the day before the meeting of the Magi with the Child Jesus).

 Just like Santa Claus, La Befana delivers toys to children. Instead of milk and biscuits, the Italians leave him a plate of sausages and broccoli and a glass of wine.

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On 27/12/2023

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Hide brooms (Norway)

In Norway, it is adamantly believed that witches and evil spirits roam the night sky on Christmas Eve.

And what is a witch's favorite mode of transportation? A broomstick.

As a precaution, the Norwegians therefore hide all the brooms in their houses to prevent witches from getting their hands on them.

Sometimes people go further by firing a warning shot in the air to scare them away.

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On 20/12/2023

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KFC for Christmas (Japan)

A bucket of fried chicken for Christmas dinner?

Imagine that this is not an unusual American tradition, but beautiful and very Japanese!

It's no joke: in Japan, the KFC chain is taken by storm every Christmas Eve: it is estimated that 3.5 million Japanese families come there to enjoy fried chicken!

This quirky Christmas tradition came about through a KFC marketing stunt in the 1970s, titled Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii ("Kentucky for Christmas"), based on the absence of any real Christmas traditions in a very minority Christian country.

KFC's Christmas dinner is so popular that many customers order their dinner – which includes fried chicken, cake and champagne – months in advance!

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On 13/12/2023

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Night of the radishes (Mexico)

If the Christmas holidays in France are often associated with an increased consumption of chocolates, this is not the case in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico.

Indeed, every December 23, La Noche de Rabanos ("The Night of the Radishes") is celebrated there, a festival during which traders and artisans sell radishes intricately carved to represent nativity scenes, fauna and local architecture, as well as other relevant representations.

The radish carvings are sold as Christmas centerpieces, and the creator of the best radish drawing wins a cash prize.

An unusual Christmas tradition, certainly, but guaranteed without a liver attack.

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On 06/12/2023

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The legend of Krampus (Germany, Austria, Hungary).

Have you ever heard of Krampus?

In Germany, Austria or Hungary, it is a name that makes people shiver.

And for good reason: Krampus is none other than the diabolical and furry alter-ego of Santa Claus.

According to legend, if Santa Claus brings toys to “nice” children, the Krampus has the mission to punish the children on the “naughty” list.

 Most of the time, he is content to scare children with his bestial demeanor, but he is said to throw particularly naughty children into his bag, or chain them in his basket to take them to hell.

It is for this reason that in Austria and neighboring countries, people often dress up as Krampus in early December and roam the streets to scare children.

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On 29/11/2023

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A game to fight polio

The famous Candyland game, which sells a million copies every year, was created in 1948 by American Eleanor Abbott.

This teacher had contracted polio, a terrible and little known disease at the time, which affected children more seriously.

 Finding herself in isolation with them, she invented Candyland to entertain them.

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On 22/11/2023

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Do you know the name of the cards?

It was already known that kings in card games featured real kings, namely Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and King David.

But what about other cards?

 Well it's simple, all jacks and all ladies also have their own name.

 Thus, the valet of hearts is Lahire (Etienne de Vignolles), a comrade in arms of Joan of Arc while the lady of hearts is named Judith.

The name of the Jack of Diamonds is Hector, presumably for the hero of the Trojan War although other theories exist.

 The queen of diamonds is called Rachel.

On the side of the spade, the valet bears the name of Ogier, one of Charlemagne's 12 peers, while the queen is called Pallas.

Finally, the jack of clubs is Lancelot, for Lancelot du Lac, while its queen is Argine, for the anagram of Regina…aka “queen” in Italian.

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On 15/11/2023

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Why a game with 52 cards?

If you own a classic deck of cards, it normally has 52 cards.

But why this figure and not 50 or 58 exactly?

The 52-card deck is actually based on the ancient Egyptian lunar calendar.

 The 52 cards represent the 52 weeks of the year.

And that's not all: the 13 cards that make up each color designate the 13 lunar months of the Egyptian calendar.

And, finally, the 4 colors represent the 4 elements: water, earth, fire and air.

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On 08/11/2023

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The shape of the cards has changed over the centuries

Throughout history, players have been able to indulge their passion through very special card games.

And yes, the rectangular and practical card game to carry as we know it today did not always exist in this form.

During the first centuries following the appearance of this game, players had the opportunity to handle much larger cards and even oval, round or even triangular cards.

Hard to imagine, right?

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Prolific creator

The German mathematician Reiner Knizia is the most prolific creator of board games in the world: he invented more than 700!

His first game was released in 1990, and his creations have been translated into more than 25 languages.

A sign of its popularity, its games have won more than thirty awards around the world!

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On 25/10/2023

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Invented in England in 1943 by Anthony Pratt and his wife Elva Rosalie Pratt, Cluedo was originally called Murder, and was not quite as we know it today.

At the time, there were 10 characters, including Doctor Lenoir, Mr. Brown, Miss Grey, Mr. Gold and Sergeant Grey, and the absence of Doctor Orchidée and Madame Pervenche.

The syringe and the poker were also part of the weapons in the original game.

 Finally, the gun room has been removed.

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On 17/10/2023

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The Jungle Speed

The game is actually derived from a very basic trick: playing with traditional cards and grabbing a cork or a lighter when two identical cards appear.

As Tom Vuarchex said; the author of the game, in a video, the drawings are inspired by travel and the totem of a piece of wood that he used during his travels.

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Operationdocteurmaboul 1

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On 11/10/2023

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Maboul Doctor

It was a 26-year-old American student, John Spinello, who designed the prototype of the game before selling it to the game design company Marvin Glass & Associates

 In exchange, the box was to give him $500 and hire him at the end of his studies.

But the rights were transferred to the company Milton Bradley who marketed the game under the name Operation.

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On 04/10/2023

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The werewolf

Named Mafia in Russia, this game created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986, was first intended to unmask the two spies in the context of Stalin's reign.

 Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly, who used to play this game adapted by its distribution on the internet, decided to integrate new characters and created a new version.

Today, the Russian version swapped spies for policemen and we chose werewolves.

Everyone has their own style, after all.

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On 27/09/2023

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Trivial Pursuit, a local success

One of the biggest successes of board games is Quebec!

In 1979, two Canadian journalists play Scrabble.

Lacking letters to finish the game, they decide to ask themselves questions of general knowledge.

The two Montrealers, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, invented Trivial Pursuit (A few acres of traps).

Their idea will make them billionaires!

 The famous game has sold more than 100 million copies to date.

Many other Quebec games of the same genre were created afterwards, such as Le Docte Rat, L’Apprenti Docte Rat… and L’Apprenti Débrouillard!

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Milleborne1954 1

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On 20/09/2023

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A thousand kilometers, from Paris to Menton

This time, we are in 1954. Edmond Dujardin is a printer specializing in material for driving schools.

In his Arcachon cellar, he imagines this game whose title refers to the 996 kilometers between Paris and Menton by the National 7, the holiday route.

Seven years earlier, he had created another game, The Highway, where you had to pass your license, complete a course and arrive first at a wedding.

But, in the 1950s, there was La Canasta (The Basket), a card game from Uruguay, itself probably inspired by Touring, born in the United States in 1906.

Just in return, the Mille Bornes, in French in the text, works very well in the United States.

 Made in France, it has sold nearly 15 million copies.

 300 to 400,000 Dujardin Games boxes are still sold each year.

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On 13/09/2023

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Scrabble, a child of the crisis

The famous game to form crosswords on squares which bring more or less points is, him, well born from the crisis of 1929.

Alfred Mosher Butts, a New York architect in his thirties with a passion for anagrams (these words made up of the same letters), finds himself unemployed.

 Idle, he imagines a game to put his passion for words within everyone's reach. He has the idea of ​​token letters.

 To determine the number of each letter and its value according to frequency in English, he analyzes a dictionary and three newspapers including the New York Times.

The game is called Lexiko. He deposited it in 1948, in the United States.

Now called Scrabble, it landed in France in 1955.

It got off to a mixed start, but Club Med activity leaders… gradually introduce holidaymakers to it.

Today, almost all French people (nearly 60% have one, according to its publisher Mattel) know Scrabble.

There is a French federation, a competition, a magazine...

Nearly 150 million Scrabble games have been sold in 121 countries, in 36 languages, including Latin and... Braille.

He would even be at the origin of the Trivial Pursuit.

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On 06/09/2023

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Monopoly, a socialist utopia

The genesis of Monopoly is one of the most amazing.

In the midst of the economic crisis, in Philadelphia, south of New York, an unemployed man had cobbled together, on a piece of cardboard, land to buy or rent.

From the start, there was a box for prison, one for making money...

Charles Darrow became the inventor of a game symbolizing capitalism.

The problem is that Charles Darrow copied Elisabeth J. Maggie's game.

When she registered her game in 1904, Elizabeth Magie's objective was to demonstrate the excesses of monopoly.

Cie Parker is going to redeem its rights for a pittance.

Since then, 275 million Monopoly, now owned by Hasbro, have been sold.

The game has several hundred versions in 111 countries in 43 languages.

Since 2009, Monopoly has also been played on screen.

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On 30/08/2023

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Asian crazy games !

Korean groups participate in fun events to make fans laugh: like singing with ice cubes in our mouths.

There are also games that consist of tasting your environment to guess if the objects around you are chocolate or not.

K-Pop groups and Asian culture are fond of this kind of experience which can be quite funny.

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On 23/08/2023

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A sloth bear that only exists in Asia

This lazy bear, hugging a ranger, is a vegetarian and eats only fruits, honey, tubers and insects.

This type of bear only exists in Asia anymore, and we are grateful to still be able to find some there!

Sloth bears are absolutely adorable!

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On 16/08/2023

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One of the longest bridges in the world

And the longest bridge is the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China.

He is huge !

This large bridge between Shanghai and Nanjing has a total length of 164.8 kilometers.

 It took 4 years to build this amazing work.

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On 09/08/2023

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Original sports activities

To satisfy your cravings for extreme and unique experiences, head to Asia, as there are plenty of unorthodox activities to do.

Like SkyCycle in the Philippines, where your bike sits on a cable over 18 meters high and travels a distance of 200 meters in the sky.

You can also go to Huashan Mountain for an unforgettable experience by climbing the death trail, where you can touch the clouds and see incredible and impressive panoramas.

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On 02/08/2023

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Cascading China!

The desire to be the best is expressed in everything they do, especially in architecture and money.

 For example, there is the 121-meter Liebian Building skyscraper.

 But the particularity of the building is an incredible artificial waterfall 108 meters high, the maintenance system of the waterfall alone occupies 4 complete floors of the skyscraper!

Running the waterfall is quite expensive, and the electricity alone costs $116 per hour.

 It is for this reason that the waterfall only operates during holidays.

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On 26/07/2023

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Sleeping everywhere is normal

When you're traveling on the subway in Tokyo, walking down the street, or working in a Japanese office, don't be surprised to see people sleeping everywhere.

 People are real workaholics and therefore take advantage to take a 30-minute nap during their travels to feel better.

There's even a special name for sleeping on the job.

 This is called inemuri and it is considered a sign of dedication to work.

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On 19/07/2023

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 In South Korea, it is forbidden to use colored pens

Indeed, to send greeting cards, thanks, congratulations or birthdays, it is normal to use pens of different colors in order to brighten up the message.

 Except that in South Korea, it is prohibited.

The reason remains a mystery to this day.

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