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Atacama Desert (Chile)

Blocked between the ocean trench and the Andes mountain range, the Atacama Desert is known to be one of the driest regions on Earth.

Certain areas can in fact be completely deprived of precipitation for more than 50 years.

This natural barrier is made up of active volcanoes reaching 6,000 meters, surrounded by turquoise lagoons, geysers and deep valleys.

 The Atacama Desert is renowned for its starry nights due to its location in the intertropical zone, combining extreme drought, altitude and very little light pollution.

Several international astronomical observatories have been established in this “extraterrestrial” desert where NASA tested small vehicles before they went to explore Mars.

The four-wheeled robot called Zoë found colonies of bacteria and lichens on two distinct sites in this desert, which nevertheless has the lowest density of organic activity on Earth.

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*Photo by Naxsquire.


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