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Uyuni Salar (Bolivia)

The Uyuni Salar is a salt flat located in the highlands of southwestern Bolivia. It is near the town of Uyuni, from which it takes its name.

This expanse of salt is located at an altitude of 3,658 meters. With an area of ​​10,582 km, it constitutes the largest salt desert in the world and represents half of the planet's exploitable lithium reserves. Its dimensions are 150 kilometers by 100.

The disappearance of the prehistoric Lake Tauca, 14,000 years ago, gave birth to the largest salt crust in the world which today covers this salar. As it dried up, it left behind two small lakes still visible, Lake Poopó and Lake Uru Uru, as well as two large salt deserts, the Coipasa salar and the gigantic Uyuni salar.

The thickness of the water rarely exceeds 10 to 15 centimeters. As the salar is flat, it is flooded over its entire surface, making it a gigantic mirror.

 A hotel, located in the center of the lake and built entirely of salt, is a curiosity of the place. The coral island of Incahuasi, covered in candelabra cacti, some of which are 1,200 years old, is isolated in this salty desert.

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