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Hello everyone !

The Dragon of Mondragon.

The village of Mondragon is Mont Dragon, surmounted by its Château du Dragonnet!

The Drac, a winged, amphibian monster, had the face and shoulders of a young man on a reptile body (as described by Frédéric Mistral) and resided in the Rhône.

He went out regularly to feast on the inhabitants, especially the young girls, terrorizing the population by ransoming them.

Tired of undergoing the incessant assaults of the monster, the lord of the village, Guilhem, launched a desperate appeal.

Anyone who managed to kill the beast would receive his daughter Guillemette in marriage and the lordship of the village as a reward.

One day, a valiant knight, Arnaud, presented himself to take up the challenge.

At the cost of an epic fight, Arnaud brought down the beast, marrying Guillemette and becoming the new lord of the village, renamed Mondragon!

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