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Rainbow Mountain (Peru)

Vinicunca, nicknamed the “mountain of seven colors” or “rainbow mountain”, is a mountain in Peru. It peaks at an altitude of 5,200 m. It is located in the Cusco region, in the heart of the Andes.

Originally, Winikunka is the Quechua name for this mountain. Wini is a term used to refer to the black stones, which are very numerous in the region, and kunka means “neck”, and refers to the fineness and smallness of this mountain.

According to the investigation by the Landscape Office of the Directorate of Decentralization of Culture of Cusco, the colorations of the seven-colored mountain are due to its mineralogical composition.

 The pink is attributable to the mixture of red clay, mud and sand. The whitish color results from the mixture of quartz sand and marl rich in calcium carbonate. The red is composed of ferruginous clays and clays belonging to the Neogene. The green is due to the mixture of phyllites and mafic clays. The earthy brown is produced by the conglomerate of magnesian rocks belonging to the Quaternary era. The mustard yellow is attributable to calcareous sandstones rich in sulphide minerals2.

Many indigenous populations live in small hamlets located in these mountains.

The main inhabitants are Quechuas, who are descendants of the Inca populations.

Originally covered in snow, Vinicunca subsequently suffered from global warming and revealed its colors since 2015. It is a landscape highly protected by local populations.

 It is in this landscape that residents breed, particularly llamas, horses and alpacas.

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*Photo by Eliott Bolduc.


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