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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Sushi Express!

In Sushi Express, from 3 to 6 players, become the best sushi delivery man for around 30 minutes.

Deliverers in a Japanese restaurant, players must accumulate the maximum number of Customer cards before the end of the game.

The game path is made up of 12 tiles (10 House tiles, 1 Sushi Express tile and 1 Park tile), laid out in a circle around a mini telephone-shaped board. Each time a player makes a complete turn (thus passing in front of the Sushi Express tile) he collects a Customer card from among those offered face up. In addition, a player who manages to stop in the park collects a face down Action card.

 Two players cannot be on the same tile: the occupied tiles are therefore skipped "for free" when moving (they do not count when calculating the distance).

At each game turn, the players bet on the result of a roll of a pair of dice (thus from 2 to 12) by placing a marker on the central board.

Whoever has chosen the highest number rolls the dice first: he has two attempts to obtain an amount greater than or equal to his bet.

If he fails, he does not move his delivery man, but wins an Action card, and it is up to the next player to roll the dice to try to reach his bet, and so on...

 As soon as the player obtains on the dice the sum he had announced or more (for example 8), he advances his deliverer by the number of squares fixed (8 tiles, even if he rolled 10 on the dice), without counting the occupied squares.

 If he passes in front of the Sushi Express tile, he chooses a Customer card among those revealed (there are as many revealed cards as there are players).

The players who follow (who had therefore bet less than 8) then advance their delivery men automatically (without having to roll the dice) and also recover a Customer card if they pass in front of the Sushi Express.

Customer cards are available in different colors.

The first card of each color that you collect is worth 3 points, the following cards 1 point (for example, the 1st yellow: 3 pts, the 1st green: 3 pts, the 2nd green: 1 pt only). It is therefore necessary to try to diversify the colors.

There are also Tips cards: the player with the least Tips at the end of the game takes negative points.

Finally, the Action cards allow you to bypass certain rules: place the same bet as another player, swap your bet with that of another player, advance your delivery person one more tile, get a tip bonus, etc…

Good day and good game ;)



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