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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Wangdo!

Wangdo lets you explore Northeast Asia for 2-4 players and a game time of 30 minutes.

Long ago, before the age of man, there were four clans of bears that helped the king rule over Northeast Asia.

The time has come for the king to decide who will be the heir to the throne.

Clans send their princes out into the world to gain all the qualifications to be the next king.

They travel from town to town and build statues of sacred bears; in return they inherit knowledge of religion, education, military and trade.

The new journey is about to begin.

Who will succeed to the throne?

Summary of the game

1. Place the bear stelae to acquire a knowledge token.

2. Pay the equivalent in number and color at the temples.

3. If a player is done collecting tokens, the game ends.

During a turn, we take either 2 bear steles of any visible color available on the temples.

You can also choose to draw three at random or grab a token from the board.

To recover it, another bear stele of the player will have to replace it by being placed on an adjacent stele and which is not the color of the stele that you want to place.

You will then have to pay the number of steles of the same color as the adjacent steles.

The last stele placed on a temple line leads to the discard of all the steles in the bag and makes the person who places it win a stele of the temple they want.

The token is then placed on the player's personal board. We have completed a column as soon as we have two tokens when playing 4 and 3 when playing 2.

You can then perform the special actions offered by the bonus card.

The game ends when a player has collected 2 of the 4 different tokens.

Good day and good game ;)



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