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Hello everyone ! Today we are going to talk about Mysterium!

Mysterium is a cooperative game of about 40-45 minutes for 2-7 players.

In Mysterium, one player takes on the role of a ghost while all the others represent a medium. To solve the crime, the ghost must first recall (with the help of the mediums) all the suspects present the night of the murder.

A number of suspect, location, and murder weapon cards are placed on the table, and the ghost randomly assigns one of each in secret to a psychic. Each hour (i.e., game turn), the ghost hands one or more face-up vision cards to each medium, filling their hand to seven each time they split vision cards.

These vision cards present dreamlike images to the mediums, with each medium first having to deduce which suspect matches the received vision cards.  After the ghost hands over the cards to the last medium, it begins a two-minute hourglass.

 Once a psychic places their token on a suspect, they can also place clairvoyance tokens on guesses made by other psychics to show whether or not they agree with those guesses.

After the time is up, the ghost reveals to each media whether the guesses were correct or not.

Psychics who guessed correctly move on to guessing the crime scene (and then the murder weapon), while those who did not keep their vision cards and receive new ones the next hour matching the same suspect.

Once a psychic has correctly guessed the suspect, location, and weapon, they move their token to the epilogue board and receive one clairvoyance point for each hour remaining on the clock.

They can still use their remaining clairvoyance tokens to score extra points. If one or more psychics fail to identify their suspect, location, and weapon before the end of the seventh hour, then the ghost has failed and dissipates, leaving the mystery unsolved.

If, however, they were all successful, then the ghost has recovered enough of its memory to identify the culprit. The psychics then group their suspect, location, and weapon cards on the table and place one number per group.

The ghost then selects a group, places the corresponding culprit number face down on the epilogue board, chooses three vision cards – one for the suspect, one for the location, and one for the weapon – then shuffles these cards.

Players with low clairvoyance points turn over a vision card at random, then secretly vote on which suspect they think is guilty; players with more points then turn over a second vision card and vote; then those with the most points see the final card and vote.

 If the majority of psychics have identified the correct suspect, with the ties broken by the vote of the most clairvoyant psychic, then the killer has been identified and the ghost can now rest in peace.

If not, well, maybe you can try again…

Good day and good game ;)




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