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  • Christmas calendar game

    Hello everyone!

    Our question of the day is:

    In "The Fairies", what does the younger girl give to the fairy who presents herself as a beggar in front of her?

    1 / To drink

    2 / To eat

    Do you have the answer?

    Give it to us in comment and we will give you the solutions of the questions at the end of the month :)

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Tell me charades!

    Hello everyone !  


     My 1st is a verb we say when we marry.  

    My 2nd is an expression of amazement.  

    My 3rd is the sound you make when you snore.  

    My 4th is an abbreviation for book following.  

    My 5th is the sound of the snake.  


     My everything is a game where even small the people are big, am I?    


    Good day and good game ;)

  • Christmas calendar game

    Hello everyone!

    Today we start our Christmas calendar game!

    The first question is:

    What is the name of our first showcase on Tales and Legends?

    1 / Tell me the legends.

    2 / Travel to the land of fairy tales Do you have the answer?

    Give it to us in comment and we will give you the solutions of the questions at the end of the month :)

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Did you know?

    Hello everyone !

      The medieval beginnings of the Mafia can be traced back to an event in 1343.

     The conditions of the bloodthirsty looting, in January 1343, of a Genoese ship loaded with food in the Bay of Naples at the time of a terrible famine was revealing of the beginnings of this Neapolitan mafia.  

     The roots of this violence go back to Naples in the Late Middle Ages, followed by changes from the 12th to the 14th century.    

    The noble families of the Neapolitan city were granted large parts of the social, political and religious control of the city during its annexation to the Norman kingdom of Sicily.  

    These clans formed the seggi, groups organized by neighborhood which consolidated themselves despite dynastic changes by imposing a system of values ​​based on an explosive mixture of honor, violence and clienteles.  

     The Neapolitan chieftains also got richer on good terms with the merchant-bankers of Florence.  

     Good day and good game ;)


  • Enchanted Christmas is back at Joue le Jeu Vaison!

    Hello everyone !


    Enchanted Christmas is back at Joue le Jeu Vaison!

    Take the opportunity to play with us every day and collect points to win surprises :)

    From December 16 to 23, complete our 3 Christmas challenges to maybe win one of the 3 Christmas surprises ;)

    Game with no purchase or subscription obligation on our site and social networks. :)

    Do not hesitate to play with us, but not only :)

    On Sundays your children can enjoy free manual workshops and board games at the store on the slots defined in the photo;)

    See you tomorrow to start playing, have a good day and have a good game ;)

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  • Shabadabada, wanna sing?

    Hello everyone ! You had a good weekend ?

    Today we're going to sing with the word "charm".

    I'm going to sing "Come on and be my little good luck charm" and you?

    Good day and good game ;)

  • JJV's Offs

    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

    We change the themes for the store every three months.

    The idea of ​​making themes certainly comes from the animation  and in our opinion contributes to making the store more lively.

    Our themes are therefore based on our desire of the moment, inspiration and local news as well ...

    We Play the Game, so we try to provide you with a lively and dynamic store throughout the year.

    Good day and good game ;)

  • Play with thought

    Hello everyone !

    Today we are going to talk about the expression "Heads or Tails".

    Heads or Tails Under the reign of Saint-Louis, there were still more than eighty private lords in the kingdom who had the right to coin money.

    But it was only the king who had the right to mint gold or silver coins.

    On one side of the royal coin there was a cross, and on the other side there were pillars, so for a long time the sides of coins were called cross or stack.

    Subsequently, the French kings decided to feature their own face in place of the cross, and their arms and coin value on the other.

    But the word tails remained for one side and tails for the other.

    Good day and good game ;)

  • 2 words game

    Hello everyone !

    Today we're going to talk about Age of Towers.

    You have just found a mine filled with precious energy crystals!

    Precisely the ones you use for your daily magic.

    The problem here is that you also stumbled upon a horde of monsters! 

    And to make matters worse, three other cities seem to have discovered your mine as well.

    As they rush into danger to extract the precious crystals, you have no choice but to join the fray ...

     Age of Towers sees you and your opponents fighting to defend your cities against the oncoming wave of monsters by building defenses, placing traps and channeling these beasts to your opponents' cities! 

    In more detail, each turn has three phases: night, dawn and day.

    During the night, the event card is applied and the monsters progress in your path (each type having a different movement value). Two other monsters (or your boss) appear in your path.

    At dawn, the towers can attack a monster of a particular type on one of the four adjacent squares, or the boss.

    During the day, each player can choose one action among the four available, then they can take an additional action, whether it is the same or different.

    Each type of monster has a movement value (1-3 spaces) and perhaps a special ability; all monsters in the base box have 2 hit points.

    The boss, who is not a monster, is more difficult to kill because he has 10 life points; when a player successfully kills it, the game ends.  

    Whenever a monster or boss leaves your path to reach your city, you lose a number of city guards equal to their movement value.  

    After the game ends, each player adds their victory points from three sources: number of city guards remaining, amount of damage dealt to your boss, and achievements (which are drawn at random at the start of the game).  

    Good day and good game ;)


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  • Tell me charades!

    Hello everyone !


     My 1st is the number of years we are going through.

     My 2nd isn’t « on ».  

    My 3rd is to pull behind.  

    My 4th isn’t « him » but « her ».  


    My all is a medieval management and fight game, i am ?  


    Good day and good game ;)

  • Did you know?

    Hello everyone !  

    Masks of Shame in the Middle Ages: You Know What They Are?

    At that time, wearing this mask of shame was a punitive measure for minor offenses.  

    This punishment imposed on the guilty was intended to offend, humiliate and dishonor them in full view.  

    Also called masks of infamy, these are different and are real caricatures of crimes.

     Note, for example, a hanging tongue for someone who has spread false rumors, oversized ears for an indiscreet or overly curious individual.  

    Convicts must show up in markets and crowded places to endure the shame.

     Fortunately, they had the advantage of protecting them to a certain extent from rubbish and other things that one took pleasure in throwing in their faces ...  

    Good day and good game ;)

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  • Store closure for outside animation

    Hello everyone!

    The store will be closed from 2:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. for outdoor entertainment.

    See you soon and have a good game;)