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2 words game

On 03/02/2023


Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Speed ​​Maps!

In a distant land, magical beings roam the Enchanted Paths: a fire-breathing dragon and a pure unicorn, a wise wizard and a brave knight, a cackling witch and a beautiful princess...

Help fairy tale characters find their way to each other. Fold the game board to connect creatures and objects.

To win, you must be the first to complete the task, so hurry up!

In the Speed ​​Maps board game, each player receives a special magic game board, which can be folded in 24 different ways. The object of the game is to fold your game board correctly and complete the task faster than other players.

Tasks differ in complexity.

There are 90 challenge cards in the game: 30 easy challenges and 60 hard challenges.

Challenge cards indicate the number of game characters that must be seen (or connected by paths) on a game board.

In order to complete an easy task, a player needs to fold the game board so that the required number of creatures or objects can be seen on one side of the board.

The difficult challenge requires that the game characters not only be seen from one side of the game board, but also connected by paths. The first player to correctly complete the task receives a card, as a reward.

The game ends as soon as a player collects 5 cards with completed tasks.

Play the game on both difficulty levels with your friends or alone.

Change the magical world of Speed ​​Maps to your liking and help fairy tale characters meet each other. Set new records and have fun with this fantastic board game!

Good day and good game ;)



Ca déboite, 1 minute flat 4 Hanabi

On 02/02/2023


Hello everyone!

1,2,3 ca déboite!

 A box, content and an express explanation, please!

 Good viewing and good game ;)

Racontemoidescahardes 3

Tell me charades!

On 02/02/2023

Hello everyone !


My 1st is a same for quick.

My 2nd helps to find the road.


My everything is a family speed and strategy game, am I?

Good day and good game ;)


Did you know?

On 01/02/2023

Hello everyone !

Ghost Festival pays homage to spirits


In Chinese culture, the spirit of a person who drowned, died alone, died in battle, or suffered another death where they were not buried would appear bodily and could only be seen at night. in the light of a torch.

The spirit of an ancestor who wished to report information or give a warning would appear in a dream.

Chinese belief in ghosts was strongly influenced by their practice of ancestor worship and the belief that the deceased continued to exert a powerful influence on people's lives.

The Chinese afterlife was seen as a journey in which the soul had to cross a bridge over an abyss where it was judged.

If the soul was deemed worthy, it continued, stopping at a pavilion to look back one last time at the land of the living, and then drinking a cup of a brew called Mengpo Soup that made one completely forget their previous life.

Good day and good game ;)


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Shabadabada, wanna sing?

On 30/01/2023


Hello everyone ! You had a good weekend ?

Today we are going to play with the word “map”.

I'm going to sing "cards on the table we're both showing hearts" and you?

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

On 29/01/2023


Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV! »


Discover yourself (re) through games.


Ah, I will never stop saying it, the board game is a real wealth!

Cultural, playful, entertaining as you wish!

Many novice players of my animations have discovered a universe that they did not even imagine and now do not want to stop. :)

It is true that once the passion for the game takes you, you always want more...

Some players have discovered a passion, others a hobby, but the goal remains the same: to share the pleasure of board games.

A board game brings people together around a table for tens of minutes to hours of unforgettable play!

Whether you embody a character, manage your resources or play card discard games, the fun remains the same.

With a universe so diverse and varied that you no longer know where to start, the board game allows you to vary the pleasure thanks to the diversity of game proposals found there!

Good day and good game ;)