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Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Blue Moon!

The once proud and strong Blue Moon City has been plunged into chaos.

The golden dragon fell, the sacred Psy crystal shattered, and the old king breathed his last. Worse yet, Blue Moon, the creator of all things, has disappeared and Blue Moon City finds itself without a ruler.

Now, the three elemental dragons - the only remaining divine creatures in the world - guard the shards of the crystal.

 The two royal heirs, Prince Roland and Princess Elinor, are vying for the crown.

The people of Blue Moon City may not know who to follow, but whoever can rally them and claim the throne will gain the power to restore Psi's sacred crystal and possibly convince Blue Moon himself to return.

Prepare to fight for the throne and restore peace to the city in Blue Moon Legends, a collected version of Blue Moon, Reiner Knizia's classic card game for two players!

In Blue Moon Legends, you will gather the allegiance of one of the peoples of Blue Moon City and then lead them in a series of fights against another people.

 By winning these fights, you aim to gain the inconstant attention of the elemental dragons and earn your way to the city throne.

 Players can either play the game directly with decks or strategically customize the perfect deck to defeat their opponent.

 With hundreds of maps to choose from, no game will be the same.

 Blue Moon Legends contains all cards from award winning designer Reiner Knizia's Blue Moon card game in one box.

Good day and good game ;)



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