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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Bubblee Pop!

No time to bubble, solo or in duo for 20 minutes, form your combos to win the game!


Line them all up!

In Bubblee Pop, players compete to save the Bubblees by lining up three of them horizontally or vertically.
Once lined up, the Bubblees give the player points and trigger special powers.


If you stack them the wrong way, you risk losing the game immediately.
Once the reversible board is installed between the two players, 3 black Bubblees take place on each of the players' planets.


It is then the Sky which is set up by the standard installation of colored Bubblees, so that two identical colors are not adjacent.
It's up to you to pop the Bubblees by assembling them by color and in groups of 3 or more via gravity which makes them fall 2 by 2 on your planet.

When things go wrong, powers are triggered and victory points are accumulated.
Fill the sky by drawing Bubblees from the bag. The active player may eventually swap 2 adjacent Bubblees in the sky before obligatorily causing 2 to fall, horizontally or vertically adjacent.

These Bubblees, once they land, if they form an alignment (not diagonal) of 3 or more of the same color, are removed and placed in the scoring area.

This triggers a power depending on the color, a power that remains optional:

- Swap bubbles on your planet or the opposing planet;
- Send a Bubblee or drop one from the sky at his opponent;
- Finally, recover an uncovered Bubblee from his planet and place it in his score zone.
- Black Bubblees, on the other hand, have no powers. Finally, any holes left by the bursts are filled by making the Bubblees "fall" from above.

A single player mode is available where the objective is to empty the opposing planet which starts in a filling state indicated by the level chosen. There are 20 of increasing difficulty.

The only difference in the rules is that when a cluster of 3 Bubblees forms, you can choose to send one (see 2 if the combination is 4 or more Bubblees) to the neighboring planet, keeping the d column. origin before deciding to use the power.


The Black Bubblees are then obstacles that may be the only ones left on the otherwise emptied planet.

Good day and good game ;)



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