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Hello everyone !

  Today we're going to talk about Dwarfs!

  To survive the long and terrible winter that is approaching, the dwarves must prepare.

It's time to collect gems, build castles, and stock up enough food.

 The fire dragons are sleeping.

The winter giants, lurking.

The fall is precious and is vital to plan your actions well.  

Dwar7s Fall is a game about collecting gems in order to exchange them for food.

In the meantime, you will also have to build your dwarf kingdom and kill monsters.  

In this game you have several ways to win by choosing your actions carefully.

The players take turns performing their actions.

  Each turn, you can perform 3 actions (place a kingdom tile or place a dwarf in a tile or move a dwarf one tile).

Each tile has a prerequisite of how many dwarves of a player are needed to perform one type of action.

  For example: Emerald mines always have three slots, but you will only need two dwarves to pick up an emerald.

Once this task is completed (collect an emerald), your two dwarves will return to your pool.  

When a player completes three goals (both open and secret goals count), the final phase begins.

The players who had not taken this turn take their last turn and, then, the game ends.  

Points are calculated and the game with the most points wins.

  Good day and good game ;)




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