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Hello everyone !

 Today we are going to talk about Meduris!

Following the call of the gods, the players settle down at the foot of Meduris mountain.

Building huts, bringing offerings to the druid, collecting precious runestones, and building monumental temples is the only way to gain the favor of the gods in Meduris.

1. Skillful use of workers allows you to obtain valuable materials. These are needed to build huts and temples.

2. The larger the colony, the more expensive it is to build a lodge there. But if you can get into the good graces of the druid by making an offering, then your efforts are rewarded.

3. Keep an eye on the other players: who is going to secure the best construction sites at the right time and collect the most valuable runestones?

4. Only a player who skillfully sets up their huts and temples, and keeps enough materials ready for the final grand round of offerings, will win the game.

Good day and good game ;)



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