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Hello everyone!  

Today we are going to talk about Minute Realms!  

Minute Realms is played over 8 rounds.

  Each turn begins by dealing a card to each player, face up, plus two, always visible, in the middle of the table, accessible to all, then each in turn, chooses an available card and places it in their Kingdom.  

We can choose the card that has been allocated to us, in this case we build it.

We can also choose a middle card or one allocated to another player.  

In both cases, we give our card instead.

We must also perform all the commercial actions related to the card you take.  

These actions are:

- receive one or more coins (from the reserve)  

- pay one or more coins (either to the player from whom the card was taken, or to the reserve if you took it from the middle)  

- reveal an Invaders token. For construction (addition to your Kingdom), you can pay the indicated cost and add the building to your Kingdom.  

You can also erect a defensive tower.

In this case, we turn the card over and place it in their Kingdom.

A turn immediately earns us 2 coins, in addition to increasing the defense of our Kingdom.  

Invasions   At the end of the 4th and 8th turns, each Kingdom must resist the 'invasion.  

To do this, you simply have to count the emblems of the Kingdom and compare it to the value of the Invader tokens revealed.  

The consequence of a bad expenditure is the loss of a building: the card is turned over (thus increasing the defense of the Kingdom)  

Good day and good game;)


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