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In 2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today we go into the world of comics with Sillage.

You will play as characters from the gigantic armada of Sillage who are looking for planets that can accommodate aliens in need of land to live.

Each player will take turns playing as Nävis, the main character of the series, and thus enjoy additional benefits.

Each turn, a planet card is drawn and each player receives a card from an alien race that wishes to colonize the planet. Aliens that successfully implant will earn points for the player who took care of them.

If the alien is more comfortable on this type of planet, more points will be earned. The planet card has 3 characteristics. In order to colonize it, players will need to be able to lay enough cards in front of them to equal or surpass one of these scores.

Each player also has 3 action cards each turn which will be taken into account to equalize one of the characteristics of the planet, as well as 3 Poukram cards which are mainly used to prevent other players from doing the same.

Each in turn must either put one of his cards in his hand or discard one.

The turn ends when no player has a card in hand.

We then look at who has succeeded in colonizing the planet, they mark the points indicated by their alien card, the others nothing.

Good day and good game ;) .



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