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Shabadabada, wanna sing?

On 06/02/2023


Hello everyone ! You had a good weekend ?

Today we are going to play with the word “love”.

I'm going to sing "Love was made for me and you" and you?

Good day and good game ;)


JJV's Offs

On 05/02/2023


Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV! ".


Events for a variety of audiences


Throughout the year, I offer my players activities adapted to each of them.

My players go from 3 and a half years old (and if, the half counts;)) to 102 years old soon!

To play with family or friends, I offer you during my activities in your structures and associations unique game times each time.

No two game times are alike, simply because none of you are alike :)

And it is you who make playtime even more interesting, because you are always ready to play in a good mood, always open to new games.

The diversity of the games offered in my field, allows me to offer you games to please and enjoy playing all together around a table.

Whether in a residential home, with pitchouns, children, teenagers, friends or families, a game is always a pleasure that I share with you.

Whether in partnership with the town hall that previously employed me or with associations in the west; whether with structures and associations of Vaucluse, the pleasure is always the same:


Share with you the pleasure of a game and contribute, on my modest scale, to the fun world! :)


Share with you my passion for games, it's the icing on the cake of the store;)

Good day and good game ;)


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JJVox YouTube channel

On 04/02/2023

Hello everyone! Do not hesitate to discover the videos on our YouTube channel JJVox! You will find Vanagloria Games videos in French and English, as well as Tuesday's Kesako and Thursday's Ça déboite. Challenge yourself with Tuesday's Kesako and its three video clues, then discover the explanation in 1 minute of the game concerned. Good evening and good game ;)


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Thought 2123970 1923

Play with thought

On 04/02/2023


Hello everyone !

Our play with thought of the day comes from Jean Cocteau.

“History is true that deforms, the legend of false that is embodied.”

Good day and good game ;)


Ca déboite, 1 minute flat 4 Hanabi

On 02/02/2023


Hello everyone!

1,2,3 ca déboite!

 A box, content and an express explanation, please!

 Good viewing and good game ;)

Racontemoidescahardes 3

Tell me charades!

On 02/02/2023

Hello everyone !


My 1st is a same for quick.

My 2nd helps to find the road.


My everything is a family speed and strategy game, am I?

Good day and good game ;)