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Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Freak Shop!

The tourist season is fast approaching! As a good squire, you came to the Freak Shop to buy enough to fill your mansion.

Find the pieces that will leave your visitors with horrific memories! The cards represent the scary things that every good owner of a slightly bizarre mansion should have in their collection.

Players start with 4 cards in their Manor (personal space) and cards are available to everyone in the Shop in the center of the table. On your turn, you only make one exchange and for this you have two options: Sell ​​at the right price: You exchange any number of your cards for a given total value for any number of cards for the same value. Get a good deal: You exchange a series of cards of the same value for as many cards of another unique value. Before the start of the game, you randomly draw 3 objectives from the 12 existing ones.

Your goal is to finish with the Manor earning the most points in terms of the objectives drawn. For that you will have to make the best exchanges between the cards of your Manor and those available in the Shop.

In a game of Freak Shop, you will try to take advantage of the best opportunities available to develop your Manor, while trying to meet the objectives as well as possible.

Good deals help you grow in value, and fair trade increases your number of cards. Since it's all about trades, the salt of the game is knowing which cards to use for trades and which ones to keep to score as many points as possible!

Good day and good game ;)


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