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In 2 words game

Hello everyone!

Today we have chosen to tell you about the game "Once upon a time".

This card game is about telling a story together or against others. At the start of the game, we designate a player who will play the role of the storyteller.

The storyteller will place these cards one by one, detailing his story around the card he is placing.

If one of your cards looks like or comes close to what the storyteller says, you can become a storyteller yourself by putting down a card and continuing the story.

The object of the game will be to put down all these event cards, characters and his end card to win the game.

A variation for the younger ones could be to create a story together by taking turns placing a card to continue the story, always detailing the word on the card.

Here you know everything about "Once upon a time".

See you next Friday for the next game explanation.

Have a good weekend, good stories and above all a good game;)


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