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2 words game

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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Yes Dark Lord!

Talk nonsense! Put the blame on your little comrades! And above all, escape the wrath of the Evil Genius!

After yet another failed mission, you and your friends return empty-handed once again to the Darkest Magic Tower.

His Excellency Rigor Mortis will no doubt be very disappointed and he will ask you why you sabotaged the work again. This simple thought gives you cold sweats.

Panic ties your stomach with its icy claws. What to do to save your miserable skin?

What if you assert that you are not responsible and that the fault lies with your inept companions? Damn, but it's of course ! Here is the solution!

Only small problem: they will probably have the same idea…

One player plays the Dark Lord and the others the returning monsters. Inevitably, the mission is failed and the Lord wants an explanation and a responsible to punish.

At the start of the game, the monsters receive "Excuse" cards which they will use as a narrative element and "Action" cards which will be used to blame another player or interrupt him.

On your turn, you play an "Excuse" card and rely on it to tell part of the story. If we play the action "Reject the fault", we pass the floor to another player who must continue the story.

During this time, the Lord listens and, if he wants to, can intervene, to ask for details, all that. And, above all, he can show his anger by playing a "Look that kills!" card. when, for example, a player is too slow, boring, if he doesn't have an "Excuse" card in his hand or a "Lay the blame" card...

Yes, of course, but how do I win? In fact, it is mostly a game where one player loses.

Indeed, when a player has been entitled to the "Killing Look!" card 3 times, he has lost and another one can be made by changing, of course, the role of the Lord.

Good day and good game ;)



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