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Today we're going to talk about Jack and the Beanstalk!

History, do you know it?

 The story therefore tells us about Jack who, on a market day, exchanges his cow for so-called magic beans.

These beans would grow up to the sky and make it possible to ascend into the heavens.

In fact, Jack plants them and climbs his beans up to the clouds! It was there that he came across a castle, the home of a sinister giant eater of fresh flesh ...

 Risking his life, Jack manages to steal multiple riches from the giant! Until the day when the giant surprises him and sets out in pursuit ...

 Jack has just enough time to descend along the bean before it is cut and once again blocks the giant creature in his sinister castle.

Throughout the game we will therefore grow the magic bean to try to recover as many treasures as possible. This bean is in fact a stack of dice that must not be dropped.

If by any chance someone arrives at the end of the bean to the giant's castle, bonus treasures will be awarded to them. At the start of the round, each player chooses one of the 7 cards he has in his hand.

This card imposes a number of dice on him that he will have to roll and place on the bean. It also has a value which will determine the order of play: the player who chooses the card with the lowest value begins and so on.

When it's my turn, I roll the number of dice corresponding to my card. These dice appear with symbols that must be resolved before placing the dice on the bean.

There are four symbols: the dice symbol which allows me (or not, it's up to you) to roll an additional dice.

 The trunk symbol which obliges me to place a trunk in the bean at the same time as the die.

 The treasure symbol that allows me to put a small purse of my color between the dice that I place in the bean. If the bean is still in balance at the end of my stroke, then I will gain treasures.

And finally, the giant eye symbol: having one in your throw is of no consequence.

From two, I wake up the giant and lose all the effects of my other dice. If a player drops the magic bean while placing his dice, he wins treasures for players who have placed purses in the bean.

And obviously does not win anything himself ... On the other hand, if a player must put a trunk and there is none left, or if a player has just placed the last available die, he can now seize the castle and try to place it in his turn. ..

 If he holds, then he gains treasures. The bean is then dismantled and we restart from zero.

Good day and good game ;)



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