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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Happy Bunny!

It's carrot harvest day in the farmer's vegetable garden.


Little greedy rabbit that you are, you are trying to harvest as many carrots as possible.

Gather your harvest hoping it will be enough to satiate you.

Roll the dice and move forward on the corresponding color.

Collect the indicated number of carrots to have the most all together at the end of the game.

Happy Bunny is a cooperative game where you must all together collect as many carrots as possible before the rabbit leaves the vegetable garden!

Happy Bunny allows the little ones to start learning about board games through cooperative play.

The recognition of colors and the simple learning of calculation by adding collected carrots allow them to discover board games gently by following a little rabbit.

Discover the game and its video by clicking on the image of the game.

Have a nice day and good game ;)

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