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Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Sagaland!

Sagaland is a land of legends. His old King organizes a quest to find his successor. Will you be the first to bring back to the castle 3 of the wonders that are hidden in the forest?

The game board represents the region of Sagaland. A village, from which adventurers leave, a castle, where you have to bring your finds, and all around, a forest.

A course, made of round huts, allows you to survey everything in order to reach the 13 trees that will have been previously placed in the locations provided for this purpose.

Before starting a game:

- each player takes a pawn and places it in the village

- the 13 trees are placed randomly on the tips of the blue boxes of the course, without looking at the illustrations below.

- the 13 object cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the castle. We return the first to find the object sought.

- The spell will designate the first player.

But, where is the magic belt?

The 13 symbols on the cards correspond to those of the 13 trees planted in Sagaland. The goal is to walk in the forest and find out under which trees are the symbols. When you know where the map item is currently on top of the deck, you rush to the castle and announce it.

Let's wander in the forest.

In turn, the active player will roll the 2 6-sided dice and move his pawn forward. To move, you must consider each of the dice separately and understand that you can move back or forward your pawn, but always by the exact number of each dice. To be more clear, once your dice are rolled, you choose which one you will use for your first move. You make this movement completely, forward or backward. You resolve what happens once on your new square, then move the exact number of dice you have left, and you resolve again what happens on your square.

When you land on a square, with your first die, or the second, several things can happen:

- If it is occupied by an opponent, you send him back to the village.

- If you come across a blue box, you can look, discreetly, under the corresponding tree to memorize the symbol.

- If you are exactly on the "key" box of the castle, you can announce under which tree is the object currently coveted. You then take the tree in question, you look discreetly below. If the symbol does not match the castle map, you replace the tree and sheepishly return to the village. If the symbol matches the castle card, you show it to your opponents, proudly take the card, put it in front of you, and turn the next one over so you have a new item to look for.


Sagaland is also a world of magic. If you roll a double when you roll the dice, you can:

- Go to any empty blue square to look under the tree.

- Advance towards the castle, you put your pawn right on the square after the bridge.

- Shuffle the pack of item cards and turn over a new card. This annoys the players who were going to the castle to make an announcement ...

Yes, but how do I win?

The first player to find 3 items is declared a "Grand Winner".

Good day and good game ;)


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