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In 2 words game

Hello everyone !

We are going to talk about Bioviva to discover the wonders of Vaucluse and the world!

Dating from 1996, it was co-edited with the agreement of the President of the General Council of Vaucluse to raise awareness about the protection of our region and our planet.

This game invites us to travel. Travel on a planisphere plateau, quizzes on Vaucluse and little-known facts from around the world. Our good daily actions bring additional points.

The object of the game is to complete your destination card and obtain the associated planet VIVA points before the other players do.

Each player starts from point 1 to 6 on the map, which is defined by rolling the dice. He then sets out to explore the planisphere to earn the corresponding VIVA points.

Additional points are added when you go and answer questions about the Vaucluse and thanks to the good gestures cards.

Whoever has completed their destination card wins the game.

Have a good weekend and have a good game;)


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