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Hello everyone!

Today we're going to have to survive among the zombies!

The zombie apocalypse has begun and you and your friends play as the characters who must survive together!

In Dead Panic, each of the 8 characters has their own unique abilities. You have found refuge in a cabin in the center of the plateau, and waves of zombies follow one another and approach you.

Survivors will be able to call for help using the parts of the radio they repaired and see if you want to get through the zombie horde to get out of it.

Players use the cards available in the cabin, but eventually the deck will dry up. There you will find useful weapons and items to fight against zombies.

If players take too much battle damage and die, they return as zombies with specific rules.

A separate event card deck allows zombies to progress and affect the game differently each time.

Will you make it out alive?

Have a good day, have a good game and have a good week everyone;)


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