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Hello everyone !

Today we're going to talk about Penny Papers!

In Penny Papers, go on a 30-minute adventure, from 8 years old and from 1 to 4 players without forgetting the peppers to score the highest score!

Adventure is before us with this series of small strategic games.

We roll the 3 dice and the result is common for all players, who write down the path they wish to take to obtain objectives.

We then advance to the heart of the adventure in more depth to complete our grid in order to score as many points as possible.

All players write numbers into their grid optimally to get the most victory points.

 Test your ability to manage space and use dice special effects wisely.

Oh, and don't miss an opportunity to upset your opponents' grids when dangers appear!

Influence the grids of other players with your roll of the dice and adapt to the different results to win this adventure!

The number of players is unlimited since everyone plays at the same time!

Good day and good game ;)


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