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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Pantacle!

Light the 5 fires, from 3 to 5 players for 45 to 60 minutes, thanks to your adepts!

Play as a wizard and be the first to light the 5 Pantacle fires!

Each player must gather enough resources (Influence (cubes), Adepts (meeples), Powers (tokens)) to light the flames of the PANTACLE one by one.

These resources can only be obtained by requesting favors from the Guardians of the PANTACLE.

There are 7 types of favors that provide either resources or powers whose effects will aid your progress. Be careful though!

 If another player has the correct set of cards in hand, they can counter your request and bribe you for the favor.

To ignite a flame on the PANTACLE, players must regularly sacrifice accumulated resources.

The more the players progress, the more the PANTACLE resists and the more the game becomes complex.

Indeed, a player who lights a flame receives a reward (resource, power) but also a curse, despite the sacrifice of resources.

To do this, seek the guardians of Pantacle who will bring you the necessary powers, influence and followers.

But beware of your opponents because, if one of them has the right combination of cards in hand, they can thwart you and steal the benefit offered by the guardians.

Guardians can suspend a curse for a while, but will other players let them?

1. Ask the Guardians of the Pantacle to acquire influence, powers or followers that you will place on your player board.

2. When you have enough followers, power and influence, sacrifice them to light one of your flames on the Pantacle.

3. The difficulty increases for each flame lit: you will receive a curse that you can cancel by requesting the Guardians or by meeting its criteria.

4. Beware of your opponents. If they have the right combination of cards, they will be able to counter you when you call on the Guardians and steal the benefit of your solicitation.

The first player to light 5 fires wins the game!

Good day and good game ;)


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