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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Ninja Camp!

Become an apprentice ninja in 15 to 30 minutes, from 2 to 4 players, being the smartest and strategist of all.

Hello, campers!

I hope you slept well last night, because Sensei Saru has a full day of training in store for you!

 So study your lessons well and be faster and smarter than your fellow campers, because Sensei invites only the best to be his personal apprentices. Will it be YOU? !

Ninja Camp pits animal martial artists against each other in a training exercise where the best will become Sensei Saru's personal ninja apprentice.

Each player starts with two cards, each representing a ninja skill, with the rest of the deck making up the game board.

 Using the cards in their hand, players navigate the board, adding new skills to their hand as they go and leaving fewer movement options for their campmates.

Each player also has a unique ninja ability that they can use once per game to try and turn the game in their favor.

A game that sets up and plays in thirty minutes or less, Ninja Camp is sure to provide hours of fun for families and aspiring ninjas!

Good day and good game ;)



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