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Hello everyone ! Today we are going to talk about Azul!

Azul is a 30-40 minute tiling strategy game for 2-4 players.

Each player will take turns taking tiles and placing them on their pattern lines. He must take all the tiles of the same color from a single factory, or take all the tiles of the same color from the center of the table. Once the player has taken the tiles, he must immediately place them on one of his pattern lines by placing them from right to left.  In the same line, only tiles of the same color can appear, and this color must not yet have been placed in this line.

When all the tiles in a line are placed, the line is considered complete. If you have captured more tiles than you had spaces, then you must place the excess in your floor line (bottom), which will inflict a penalty on you at the end of the round. Each time a player takes tiles from a factory, they must take the rest of the tiles from that factory that they did not take and place them in the center of the table. After a while, the pile in the center can be large and even dangerous, as you can be forced to take many penalties.

You are obliged to take at least one tile on each of your turns. In this phase, each player looks at their pattern lines and for each one that is complete, they can take a tile from that line and place it on the space of the corresponding color (in the same line, follow the arrow). The rest of the tiles are returned to the box.

For each tile that is placed on your wall this turn, starting with the top one and going down, we will then see if it forms a horizontal line with the others. If this is the case, a number of points equal to the size of this line is scored. Same thing for a vertical line. The two can thus be combined, but only if the tile placed this turn is part of the line. If your tile is alone, you only score one point for that tile. Score your points using the black cube on your score track.

 Finally, subtract the number of points indicated for each tile in the floor line. The number of penalty points increases over time, so the more you have in the same round, the higher the penalty will be (it starts at -1 and ends at -3 per space). Fortunately, it is impossible to go beyond 7 penalty tiles, which is still -14. Once the penalty has been deducted from your score, discard all the floor line tiles and don't forget to put the first player pawn back in the middle of the factories.

If a player has completed at least one horizontal line, then the game ends and the final scoring proceeds. If no player has completed a horizontal line, then the game continues, we put 4 tiles back on each factory. Once the game is over, for each line completed, each player scores 2 additional points.

For each completed column, 7 points. And finally, if a player has 5 identical tiles in his wall, he scores 10 points for each group of 5 tiles of identical color.

The winner is the one who has scored the most points!

Good day and good game ;)



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