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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about SuperGang!

SuperGang is a cooperative game of about 120 minutes for 3 to 5 players.

In SuperGang, each player is the godfather of a mafia team made up of three gangsters: the killer, the dealer and the vamp (femme fatale).

The object of the game is to own a complete suburb of the city or be the last surviving gang.

A variation has a fifth player having the cops with the goal of sending all the gangs to jail.

You can steal money from the streets, sell drugs, vampirize other players' characters, buy/rob/rob shops, or kill other characters, shopkeepers, or cops.  

The killer has a kill bonus, the femme fatale can vampirize characters, and the dealer is the only one who can deal (of course).

The cops are played by the player whose turn it is (so they move every turn of each player) except in the variant where they are played by a player.

 They can testify against or arrest gangsters but they can also be bought off.

The fights (duels) are resolved in the following way and are one of the originalities of the game.

Each player involved rolls the dice according to the characters in the duel (1D6, 1D6+2 for a killer, 2D6 for a cop) and adds them up.  The highest roll acts first and is the attacker.

A cardboard figurine is set up for each character participating in the duel.

 The attacker fires the dart gun at the targets with as many darts as the difference between the totals rolled. If he shoots all the opposing characters, he wins. Then the defender shoots with the same number of darts.

This exchange continues until one player has killed all of the other's targets. A face down target means the character has been killed. Face up means he is only wounded.

 If all 3 of a player's characters are dead at the same time, he loses. He should, however, recruit reinforcements before that happens.

Good day and good game ;)




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