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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about My kingdom for a story.


Basically, you need 4 level 1 tiles (the heroes and monsters), 3 level 2 tiles (the land), 2 level 3 tiles (the workshops) and 1 level 4 castle.

Last rule to respect: you can only place a tile on a higher floor if it rests on a tile of the same color.

Players score the value of tiles that meet these stacking rules. (max 20 HP) .

At the second level of play, which is aimed at the widest audience, players start the game with 3 story cards that each link 5 or 6 tiles as part of a story.

As players draft their tiles, they will select one of their tale cards. Each tile that will eventually appear both in their Kingdom and on the story map will give them a bonus of 2 VP.

The player who totals the most points by adding his Kingdom points and his bonus points wins the game and reads to the other players the adventure he has just experienced.

The third level of play is aimed at families of players who are used to managing several game parameters. The tales are typed there.

You can choose evil tales if you prefer to play bad and rot other players, heroic tales if you feel like a paladin or a love tale if you are more romantic.

Each type of account offers different conditions and bonuses.

A dozen events will take place during your draft and if you are opportunistic you may be able to obtain valuable bard tokens. At the end of the game, you score the points of your kingdom.

Now comes the spectacle of the bard taking over your adventure to play it from castle to castle.

The more bonuses you have accumulated during your game, the more chance you have that the bard transforms them into VP and that your adventure becomes legendary and that we still tell it to our children today.


Good day and good game ;)




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