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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Fabulosa Fructus!

Once upon a time there was a marvelous forest that was full of sumptuous fruits, the juices of which could be mixed to obtain delicious cocktails.

In search of the tastiest fruits, friendly inhabitants of the forest will help you in this quest by giving or trading them to you.

Greedy and thirsty, will you be the first to get your Fabulosa juices?

Fabulosa Fructus is a game with constantly evolving mechanics. The game begins with a relatively simple initial rule.

But as you play games, the mechanics and your gaming experience evolve.

This is the hallmark of games in the Fabulosa range.

However, unlike a "Legacy" type game, these changes are never final.

Discover the game and its video here by clicking on the image of the game.  

Good day and good game ;)

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