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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Oceanos!

Players will explore the ocean floor while developing their submarines in three rounds that represent different levels of depth.

The more powerful the submarine, the more victory points it will bring.

During a round, everyone must choose between the short term (exploring the seabed) or the long term (developing their submarine).

 There are two ways to earn points: – either catch fish within the limits of the aquarium's capacities, collect corals in order to create a long coral reef, or recover treasures with the help of divers. – or improve his submarine to increase his capacities.

Indeed, like a puzzle, the submarine is made up of several parts (the periscope, the cockpit, the tank, the rudder, etc.) that we will be able to assemble.

 Each part of the submarine can be improved: you can cover more distance with a more powerful engine, collect more fish in a larger aquarium, receive more cards with a larger periscope, collect more treasures with more divers...

 Each player thus experiences a certain pleasure in watching his submarine grow...

Good day and good game ;)



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