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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Picturally!

Each player will embody a tourist eager for a nice trip. He will receive his passport on which are registered his two centers of interest, out of the five in the game. 

It is by visiting places that belong to these two families and only those that he will be able to score the precious Souvenir points.

Each player around the table will also have chosen a passport with a different combination of interests.  At the start of the game, the tourists will agree on the route they will have to follow by successively placing step markers on the board as they see fit.

Thus are materialized the departure, the intermediate stages, and the arrival of the journey. All players must imperatively end their game turn having reached the next stage. But during their turn, it's free time! During their turn, they will be able to move around as they please to visit places that interest them.

 They can therefore either visit the places directly listed on the board and visible/known to everyone (which earn decreasing bonus points for the first to stop there!), or by visiting the places that they are the only ones to know because indicated by the cards in their hand which they have drawn from their tourist guide or at a local tourist office and which others therefore cannot see, either (optional rules), by meeting local people who will advise you on a last category of places. (But this is another story).

Each way of knowing a place has its advantages and disadvantages! They will therefore chain the days of travel and try in the allotted time, without getting late, to score the most Souvenir points, to be the one who will have the most at the end of the last stage and be the winner.

But there are four major subtleties that add spice to the game: First: any action (moving or visiting) will gradually lower Curiosity (the gauge visible on the player's passport). You cannot have more cards than Curiosity points in your hand. Otherwise, we must reveal the excess cards by putting them on the edge of the board face up and placing a cube of the color of the card in the box of the board where it is attached (it serves as a reminder, in short) . 

Any other interested player can suddenly, in turn, take advantage of the places that the player had jealously kept in his hand for his own profit a few moments earlier, and score the points in his place (after which, the card is withdrawn and will therefore no longer benefit the player who discarded it).

Second: at the end of each stage, players regain Curiosity points to attack the next day, and renew their hand by drawing again.  They may end up with cards that do not match their interests and can then trade them for cards from other players.

But this exchange phase opens the door wide to bluffing! We only have the right to indicate to the other the general (and approximate) geographical area where the card is located, and the family of interest associated with it.

 Everyone is free to dangle the other that he will give him gold bars when it is a crap, in the hope that the naive gives you the card of your dreams.  We need others, but at the same time, it would be a shame if they won in our place...

Third: bonus Souvenir points are offered to those who end their day with zero Curiosity (the satisfaction of a busy day). We can see from here the optimization of the route… (“idiot” trips are obviously prohibited)

 Fourth (it was easy): the turn order is determined by decreasing Curiosity, but the problem is that as you have understood everything, it decreases over the course of our visits when our Souvenir points go up!

Combined with the previous rules points, we realize that, if we push it, the game can become one hell of a basket of crabs!

 We know who is playing before us, after us, what he likes, we see the cards that the players had to reveal previously and on which everyone risks rushing, the same goes for the places listed on the board, we know where everyone will end up at the end of the round, how many Curiosity points each one has left… 

The winner will therefore be the one who has both scored the maximum number of points…but who has also left a minimum of gifts for others!

The icing on the crate, you can play it in teams of 2. Either by managing the two tourists yourself, or with a real player behind each tourist.

 In which case, the two traveling companions are two in the same car, with their common points and their divergent interests...

Good day and good game ;)



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