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Hello everyone !

 Today we are going to talk about Otys!

Middle of the 22nd century, after 300 years of unconsciousness, the rising waters engulfed the last emerged lands. 

Fighting for their lives, the colonies of the survivors must stay above sea level.

You live in the colony of Otys and you must recover the debris of past civilizations from the depths to build the future of humanity.

 Your team of divers is trained to bring up the most useful materials remaining in the depths.

You must use them wisely to fulfill the contracts offered by the Colony and thus obtain more notoriety than your suitors. 

Your divers are at different depths; it's up to you to best match their special abilities with the bonuses offered by the Colony.

But beware!

Your diver's oxygen is limited, and as soon as he has accomplished his mission, he must return to the surface.

Try to manage all the parameters of your team in a profitable way, so the Colony will reward you more than the others!

Optimize your game to match your divers' depth, special abilities, and colony bonuses.

 This is how you will provide the best contracts and win.

The future is built on the past...

In Otys, each player has a team of divers and must use them to perform actions, collect items and complete objectives.

Divers are stacked in a column on the player's individual game board, and some of them are next to depth gauges that read 1-5.

 On their turn, a player chooses an available depth gauge on their individual board, then performs the action at that same depth on the shared game board, then performs the action for their diver at that depth.

  Then that diver rises to the surface, pushing all the other divers in the queue.

 This depth gauge is placed at the bottom of the player board, and they return to the player board to be chosen again only when that player's gauge meter is full.

  Initially, a player must play all six gauges before recovering any, but they can upgrade their meter so that it takes fewer gauges to fill, giving them more choices for their actions.

 As divers obtain items, those items are kept at the appropriate depth on a player's board, and when a player has the needed items together at the same depth, they can claim one of shared objectives revealed on the table or one of his personal objectives.

Players race to score 18 points first to win the game.

 Good day and good game ;)



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