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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Chawaï!

Each round in Miaui, players choose one of the cards in their hand - and everyone starts the game with the same cards numbered 1-12 - to show how deep they dive in hopes of catching the best fish.

All kinds of fish are served at the feast but watch out for slimy jellyfish and thieving seagulls.

 In more detail, three cards are laid out from the capture game from the surface of the water to the depths. 

Each player chooses a card and plays them simultaneously.

Whoever plays the highest card dives deepest and catches the card at the bottom of the lake, while the next highest card catches the card just above.

 Whoever played the lowest card gets what's on the surface.

 Sometimes that's not good because jellyfish cost you points and seagulls steal your last catch.

 May the best diver win!

Good day and good game ;)



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