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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Doodle Island!

The first in Superlude's Doodle Games range, Doodle Islands is a "Roll and Write" game from the same author duo as Avenue.

You will play the role of ambitious ship captains who will travel the sea in search of gold and adventures.

You will trace your way with the end of your pen through archipelagos, treasure islands, monsters, ships, rocks and taverns scattered in the seas!

All this to try to become the richest and receive the title of Queen or Pirate King at the end of your journey!

The adventure map is broken down into a grid where the columns are associated with a black die face and the rows with a white die face.

Each grid cell contains either a sea monster, an island, a pirate ship or "towers".

Each turn, a player will roll one black die and one white die.

The player then selects a white die and must draw a line in the cell corresponding to the black die and the selected white die. You need to connect two sides of the cell (e.g. top left, right left, etc.), but you can choose which sides you want to connect.

You get points each time you: connect a sea monster to an already existing line, connect an island to towers.

If there is already a line where you need to draw, you need to cross a rum bottle instead.

After that, the next player draws a white die, and so on, until all players have done the same.

Then a new turn begins where the player rolling the dice is next in turn order.

You continue to play until a player scores more than 15 points on a single monster, a player scores more than 10 points on a single island, or a player has crossed out all of their rum bottles.

You then add up your points earned with monsters and islands.

And you must add 4 points per connected pirate ships.

The person who went through the most bottles of rum loses a few points and the person who went through the least wins that amount.

Good day and good game ;)



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